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NutriBird A19 High Energy

NutriBird A19 High Energy 100g


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NutriBird A21 100g


NutriBird A21 powdered infant and young bird food from Belgium. The product helps birds gain weight quickly as well as health compared to other foods.

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NutriBird A21 Parrot Powder is the most trusted product by customers in terms of quality and safety when used. Just one simple step of mixing the dough, your pet parrot will have a delicious and nutritious meal right away.


  • NutriBird A21 powder is a highly nutritionally balanced and highly nutritious formula that helps newborn birds grow faster, has a quicker shedding time and gives a brighter plumage.
  • NutriBird A21 powder contains beneficial microorganisms for the health and digestive tract of birds.
  • NutriBird A21 powder contains digestive enzymes suitable for birds, which help birds digest carbohydrates and proteins well, these enzymes are extremely good for newly hatched birds or birds with digestive problems.
  • Powder containing DHA, Omega-3 is suitable for brain development, cardiovascular and visual functions.

Pet Me Shop specializes in selling nutritional formula NutriBird A21 3KG Parrot Powder from Belgium (Versele Laga Company) for feeding babies and small birds. NutriBird A21 instant nutrition formula is the most trusted and most researched product by professional birders, veterinarians, animal welfare programs worldwide.

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