Price list to buy parrots in Vietnam market

Parrot is of course a super familiar bird for anyone interested in taking care of ornamental birds in Vietnam. For those who want to buy parrots, it is extremely important to discover the product prices on the business area. And more specifically, you are looking to buy ornamental birds, but you don’t know how much the price list for parrots is in the Vietnamese market today. Having copyrighted a beautiful appearance, outstanding wisdom, a very good ability to learn according to human language, this is a very popular pet and there are a lot of people who want to buy ornamental parrots.

There are many factors that affect the price of parrots today, of which the most important factors are age and species. So below Pet Me Shop will learn with you the prices of some of the most popular parrot species.

The best price list to buy parrots today in Vietnam

According to the current needs of parrots in particular or pets in general. The price of pet parrots is on an increasing trend. Specifically, the following is a detailed and best price list today that we have compiled for your reference. This table will help you know how much to buy vet birds?


There are many different species of parrot, but the price will depend on the seller or the color or special characteristics of the bird. There is a price list of ornamental parrots, where should I buy vet birds? Below is some information about some of the most popular parrot species.

Some common parrot species in Vietnam

Malayan Parrot

Malayan parrots are famous for being beautiful parrots, capable of imitating human voices very well, they can sit on the owner’s shoulder and go everywhere.

The Malayan parrot can be easily distinguished from many other parrot breeds by their very characteristic gray plumage. In addition, on the top of the head of the Malayan parrot is a small tuft of pale yellow feathers, resembling a distinctive crest. In addition, the parrot’s cheeks have two red feathers. Their average length is about 30cm.

The average lifespan of the Malayan parrot is about 25 to 50 years in good condition and makes it a close friend of man.

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Yen Phung Parrot

The swallow’s nest is a very interesting and wonderful bird to keep as a pet Babe. In fact, they rank third among pets are raised the most, after dogs and cats. Birds come from Australia does not require high costs, can live happily in the environment indoors, they even gradually imitate human voices. If you just bought a bird’s nest, you will definitely want it. How to make your parrot live a healthy and happy life.

Hong Kong parrots are also known as swiftlets. This breed of bird is quite popular and loved by many people. This line of birds in Vietnam currently has 50 species, they have very good resistance – can adapt to all kinds of weather.

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These birds often talk a lot, but their IQ is quite low – which makes owners have to be very patient to train them.

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Lovebird parrot – love parrot

Lovebird parrots are pretty cute little parrots, they attract the eye by their colorful colors. This bird is very loyal to its owner.

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Moreover, they are also one of the most friendly and sociable parrots. The disadvantage of this line is that the IQ is not high, the ability to imitate and speak human language is quite poor.

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