Suggestions for buy ornamental parrots for beginners

To buy the right parrot for the player is really not easy, you need to research all the information related to it before making a decision to buy ornamental parrots. This article will suggest to help you choose which species to buy ornamental parrots for easy raising. This article will be quite helpful for beginners, please join Pet Me shop to learn more!

Suggestions for buy ornamental parrots that are easy to raise for beginners:

New to learning and raising parrots, you should choose species that are easy to raise, easy to adapt to tropical habitats, and not too difficult to train. Should buy ornamental parrots according to the suggestions below will be suitable for newbies.

  • Lovebird Parrot: This parrot is quite small, with a cheerful, energetic, agile personality that is very cute. Especially, they are suitable for keeping in pairs, happy herds. If raised from a young age, they will be quite loyal to their owners. The parrot has striking, beautiful colors. However, they are not good at imitating voices, are quite noisy, boisterous, so they will only suit those with a lively personality.
  • Hong Kong Yen Phung Parrot: Another small sized parrot you can refer to. The advantage of this parrot line is that they have a lot of different colors, looking very pleasing to the eyes. The price of Yen Phung parrot is cheap, easy to raise, and very healthy. It is not difficult for you to choose a healthy parrot to raise. This breed is very friendly, however difficult to train.


  • Cockatoo Parrot: This parrot breed is the friendliest, also very intelligent. With beautiful appearance, wide sides, good speech ability, lively, love to dance to music, Cockatoo parrots make anyone enjoy playing with them. Cockatoo parrots are expensive, so not everyone can afford such a parrot.
  • African Gray Parrot: This parrot breed is very intelligent, although its appearance is not impressive, but they have the ability to learn to speak well, very suitable for those who love to raise talking parrots. The longer they keep them, the more they will wrap their owners, suitable as pets in the house.
  • Blue and Gold Macaw parrots: Blue and Gold Macaw parrots have a large body size, long body, bright, outstanding colors, very eye-catching. They are also extremely friendly, have the ability to learn to speak very well, are an intelligent species, loved by many owners. Like the Cockatoo, the Blue and Gold Macaw is also an expensive parrot.

In addition to these popular breeds, you can learn to buying ornamental parrots some other lines such as: Yellow-cheeked parrots, pink-breasted parrots, Malayan parrots, Sun Conure parrots. These are easy to raise, healthy strains, suitable for those who are new to raising parrots.

General characteristics of healthy parrots

When buy ornamental parrots, the first thing you need to consider is the age of the parrot. If the parrot is young and has just grown its feathers, the ability to train and get along with the parrot will be more effective than that of an adult.


Whether young or adult parrots, they will all have common signs to identify health. A healthy parrot will be agile, alert, steady, straight, and bright eyes. Their coat is smooth, shiny, not tangled, no signs of lint, fighting, or wounds. In addition, you need to pay attention to the parrot’s anus, a healthy parrot’s anus will be clean, without sticky stools, and no mucus.

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