How much does a parrot cost? Problems that can be encountered

Parrot birds are a kind of bird that many artisans in Vietnam love and raise, because they not only sing well but also have the ability to imitate human speech very well. For those who like parrots, it is extremely necessary to discover the question of how much does a parrot cost? And more specifically, you want to buy a pet parrot but don’t know how to raise this pet? Follow the article for Pet me Shop to answer for you.

How to know how much does a parrot cost?

To find out how much does a parrot cost we need to analyze and comment carefully when parrots are being raised by more and more people as pets to make friends and entertain people. So, currently, the selling price of a parrot will have different differences, and how much does a parrot cost depends on many factors such as size, age, origin, color or plumage.

how-much-does-a-parrot cost-problems-that-can-be-encountered

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Problems and solutions when raising parrots

Loud noises

The first is their cry. Although they don’t chirp all day, when they do, they can startle owners. The sound of a medium-sized parrot can be as loud as a dog barking. Parrots are large, the sound they make will be terrible.

Loud noises

The solution is to train the parrot to be silent. If you cry too loudly or for no reason, slap your mouth or hold your beak. But do not hit too hard. Birds have hollow skeletons, very easily beaten to death or injured.

Destroying furniture

In addition, they have a very strong ability to destroy furniture or clothing due to their curiosity. As soon as they see anything strange, they will try to bite. Moreover, the bite force of parrots is very strong, especially large parrots. Any kind of plastic, wood, or fabric items can be bitten by parrots.


The owner must pay attention to prevent timely. But chewing on furniture also helps them sharpen their beaks. Otherwise, the beak will grow continuously, hindering normal eating and living. The best way is that the parrot cage has a variety of toys for them to nibble and kill time. For example, a ring, swing, rope or squid shell to provide calcium for the parrot.

Going to the toilet indiscriminately

Parrots defecate everywhere, it is nearly impossible to train a bird to know how to defecate in the right place like dogs and cats. Usually, after eating, the parrot will go to the toilet within a few minutes after that. No matter where you are.

To prevent indiscriminate defecation, owners should observe them. When you see the parrot wants to go to the toilet, move to a fixed place. Actually, there is no need to worry too much, because the amount of waste each time the parrot is not much. Even a large parrot is only a coin at a time. Use toilet paper to wipe it clean and then throw it away.

Parrot injured

Finally, injured or sick parrots are very troublesome. Because in Vietnam, there are very few hospitals and specialized veterinarians that can treat parrots. In addition, bird medicine is often more expensive than other veterinary drugs. The cost of surgery for parrots is also not cheap and the difficulty of surgery is much greater than that of cats and dogs. The level of danger is also higher.

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To raise healthy parrots, pay more attention to pets. Avoid possible accidents. Pay attention to hygiene issues, utensils, toys. Pay attention to eating and training, keep parrots safe.

Above is the content of the article sharing and answering the question of how much does a parrot cost and the troubles owners often encounter when raising parrots. Because there are many people wonder how much regional factors affect parrot prices like when coming to Pet Me Shop, customers often ask how much does a parrot cost in the South, how much does a parrot cost in the North? They depend not only on the region of distribution, but also on many other factors. Hopefully our article has brought you useful information to help you get the best parrot.

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