Price to buy parrots in Vietnam market?

The parrot is definitely a very familiar bird for those who have a hobby of raising ornamental birds in our country. Possessing an eye-catching appearance, especially intelligence, the ability to imitate human voices is very interesting, this is a very popular pet and many people want to buy parrots ornamental. Of course, for anyone who wants to buy parrots, it is very important to find out how much parrots cost in the market.

Birders are very fond of raising parrots and training them to speak, creating the feeling of having a companion. To better understand this parrot, let’s explore with Pet Me Shop through the following article.

Guide to care for parrots

Parrot cage

The cage for ornamental parrots does not need to be too large and beautifully decorated. You just need to make sure the cage has enough space for them to fly.


There must be enough food and water inside the cage. In particular, you must equip a wooden stand for birds to land in.

For parrots, you should choose cages made of metal but cast iron (not recommended to use iron cages). The bird cage should be placed in a cool place, a place to move so that the bird can come into contact with many people.

Safe parrot scene eat what?

In addition to the nuts they love, you should add foods specifically for parrots. This helps to provide them with adequate nutrients and minerals.

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Feeding time: you should feed your parrots early in the morning and late at night. Incorporate seeds, fruits, and dry food intended for them.

However, you should also remember that with baby parrots, the food will be different from adult parrots, parrots are considered mature when they are 10 months old or more, you can look for foods for parrots. Check it out at pet stores or online to make sure it’s always doing its best.

How long does it take to bathe pet parrots?

Parrots love to bathe in water, so you should bathe them regularly to remove all dirt and bacteria in their body.

In the summer, you should bathe once every 2 days, in the winter only on warm sunny days will you give your parrot a bath. After bathing, you should dry them to prevent the parrots from catching colds and sneezing.

How much does it cost to buy parrots?

In Vietnam, this parrot is quite common in the market, and you can find them anywhere. The average price of a parrot that you want to own ranges from 150,000 thousand to 3,000,000 million / bird. There are many factors that affect the price of parrots today, of which the most important factors are age and species.

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With the above price, when based on the size and color of the parrot species, the cheapest species today is the parrot Yen Phung (Hong Kong), while the Vietnamese breed has the highest price currently that people play. The most popular is the American Sun conure parrot.

The above article is all information about parrots. Hope this article helps you buy the most suitable parrot for you to make as a pet in your home. These are ornamental birds that are very suitable for pets because they have a high IQ and the ability to imitate very well.

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