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Parrots are rare among birds that can imitate human voices. Therefore, parrots are very popular, many people prefer to choose as ornamental birds in the house. Birders are very fond of raising parrots and training them to speak, creating the feeling of having a companion. But to be really effective, you should buy and sell baby parrots, so it will be easier to train them to catch water and speak human language, without spending time changing the habits of the baby parrots.


In order to choose buy and sell baby parrots, you must first understand this bird, understand how the different parrot breeds are so that you can choose to buy a young vet board that best suits your needs and budget. At Pet Me Shop, you will be free to find the baby parrot you want with the enthusiastic and effective advice that the sales team here suggests. We buy and sell all kinds of young parrots of clear origin and standards with reasonable prices for both buyers and sellers.

How to choose to buy and sell baby parrots

Choose a baby parrot with an appropriate age

You do not think that the younger the parrot, the easier it is to train and raise, also the young, but at a certain stage, they become strong and far enough away from the mother’s arms. Choosing parrots that are too young will only take you more time to take care of them, and be extremely skillful to make them grow up fast and healthy.


Young parrots that have learned to fly, have grown enough feathers will make it easier for you to care for and safer in the process of rearing. At this time, their bodies also strengthen their resistance, so they can better withstand the external environment, bacteria, helping to reduce your risks when raising pets.

You also do not worry about that they will not be obedient like young parrots raised since they have not grown enough feathers, because these are all stages when they do not have any skills in life, easier to get along with. As for whether they are easier to train, teach or not depends on the attitude and teaching method of the breeder.

Care temperature

Young parrots in the period of being exposed to the outside cannot immediately adapt to the natural temperature, so ensuring enough warmth for the young parrot’s body is very important in the first time of their life. 37 degrees Celsius will be the ideal temperature for baby parrots to feel relaxed. If in the winter, you warm the parrot by using an upside down cage, a heater for the pet’s space. However, regardless of the season, you also need to shield the wind but still ensure the airiness in the space of the baby parrot.

In addition, you should be on the lookout for other animals for your pet. Please protect the baby parrot with a stable temperature and away from the danger of dogs, cats and mice around. The little ones also don’t love your pet too much, because at this time, the baby parrot is too small, easily scared, weak. If moved too much, the body will become exhausted leading to death.


The digestive system, intestinal tract of small parrots is not yet complete, still quite immature, so the diet is very important. They need a special pet powder, but the price of the products is not expensive. Next, you should prepare a parrot feeding device, which can be a specialized feeding syringe of different sizes, suitable for the mouth of your pet.

The powder phase needs to be checked carefully, the water temperature is too hot or too cold will kill the beneficial probiotics in the food as well as in the intestinal system of the pet parrot’s body. You just need to mix the powder and put it in a dedicated cylinder, feed the pet slowly. If you do not know about feeding techniques, when you come to buy a pet board, you should discuss this directly with the previous breeder about this to avoid confusion in the next feeding.


Do not feed too much in one meal, this will adversely affect the parrot’s body, undigested food in the kite has a high risk of infection, moreover eating full makes it difficult for parrots to absorb and digest, leading to slowly dying.

Sleep time

In fact, any pet, when it’s young, is like a child, loves to sleep and needs sleep to develop brain and body. Allocate a reasonable time to help your pet sleep on time. Before bedtime, don’t force them to eat too much, it will make the body sluggish, uncomfortable, can’t sleep well. Moreover, this also entails affecting the pet’s condition.

How to clean

Use a soft towel moistened with warm water and lightly pat the pet parrot’s body to help clean their body and remove bacteria. Change their nests often to make them more comfortable.

Above are some of the care we send to the parrot owners in the immature stage. Practice step by step, your baby parrot will surely grow up healthy.

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At Pet Me Shop when you come to buy and sell baby parrots, there is nothing outstanding:

  • We take good care of young parrots, regularly monitor their health status periodically, and are fully vaccinated against disease.
  • All the baby parrots here are guaranteed to be born with a healthy, clear, certified origin at the place of sale by Pet Me Shop.
  • You will not need to spend time starting or training young parrots because they are trained from a young age, creating habits right from the moment they are bought.
  • With the professional care techniques of a team of enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable staff about parrots, customers are completely assured when buying and selling baby parrots here.
  • Parrots are cleaned and cleaned regularly to ensure resistance to many common diseases.
  • Young parrots are diverse, suitable for the needs of many customers.
  • The young parrots here are always exchanged and trained to be able to imitate human speech in the most proficient way.


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