Tips to train parrots quickly to talk and how to properly care for them

The technique of caring for and train parrots is always a matter of interest to many novice birders. In Vietnam today, there are many types of parrots that can talk, such as: gray-headed parrots, cockatoos, yellow-billed parrots, bird’s nests… If the tail is long, it can be either a gray-headed parrot or a cockatoo.

So how to properly care for and train parrots? Please join Pet Me Shop to find out through the article below!

What age of parrots is suitable for breeding?

To raise a talking parrot, the most important thing is to raise it from the moment it hatches. During their breeding season, you can go to a bird shop that specializes in selling parrots, which will sell parrots that still want to eat, you can choose for yourself a parrot that you like. Raising parrots at this time, these parrots will later be very close to you and obedient, no need to keep cages or chains.

Raising parrots (safes) from the moment they hatch, the parrots will start talking at almost 1 year old. When the parrot is learning to speak, you can repeat the sentences you want to teach over and over until it is fluent. Parrots don’t need to peel their tongues and don’t need to eat chili like a Parakeet. Roof parrots talk more than cockatoos.


The purpose of raising from a young age is to let the parrot mistake us for their mother. Choosing a young parrot of any age is also very remarkable. The difference is only a few days, but the problem will be markedly different.

In the parrot family, the chain parrot is the best talker, the price of a young chain parrot is more than 1 million, other species are cheaper to make up for, but not as good. And if you want to speak well and look good at the same time, choose a gray-headed parrot.

Issues to keep in mind when raising young parrots:


As mentioned above, to raise talking parrots, it is best to raise them since they are small, but not everyone knows how to take care of this little guy and if not clever you can make them uncle is not well. Pet Me Shop pays attention to the following in your diet so that your parrot can be the healthiest to receive communication courses:

  • Imitate the mother parrot when feeding the baby, when feeding you should divide it into several meals and each meal should be spaced about 30 minutes apart.
  • Choose prepackaged pellets, pellets or flakes that provide all the nutrients and don’t take too long to prepare them.
  • Dehydration is an important issue, so you need to change the drinking water for your parrot from 1-2 days.



Raising talking parrots, you need to pay attention to the prevention of diseases for them, especially young parrots because the resistance of the babies in this period is quite poor. Always make sure the nest is clean and the food dish should be cleaned daily. In particular, do not leave any food in the parrot’s cage for more than 24 hours because even bird droppings or leftovers will cause many bacteria to seriously affect the parrot.

The right time frame to train parrots (safes) to say:

The right time to start training a talking parrot is in the morning from 6 to 7 o’clock, when the parrot’s health and ability to focus attention on you is the highest. Remember, if your parrot is feeling tired or unfocused, training won’t work and will make your baby hostile to you.

the-right-time-frame-to-train-parrots- to-say

Moreover, the best way to teach a parrot to talk is to make the parrot feel comfortable with you by spending time with it, talking to it and keeping it as relaxed as possible, especially do not force it. communicate with you if it’s not really ready.

Basic steps to train parrots to talk:

Step 1: Train parrots simple gestures

Being friendly with young birds on a regular basis is also one of the ways to teach parrots to talk, this allows you to become familiar with their personalities and preferences, making it easier for you to approach and train parrots. with simple gestures such as hand signals or simply calling them to come close to you. The operations you need to get used to them are as follows:

  • Name your baby parrots with one syllable so they can easily remember and imitate this is the name you give them
  • Give them a feeling of fondness gradually becoming accustomed to your actions and commands/

Step 2: Teach your parrot to recognize simple sounds

Once your parrot begins to accept friendly gestures like caressing and hearing you call, it’s time to teach your baby how to say simple words.

  • Speak clearly, slowly and repeatedly a simple vowel word A, O.
  • Do not teach parrot a sentence that is too long and complicated. You can teach them the word “hello” or your name as these are quite familiar sounds for them.
  • Reward your parrot (safe) with a few samples of food such as celery sticks, carrots… when they say the words you teach them.
  • Don’t overdo it when it comes to teaching them to talk, teaching your parrot about half an hour a day and every few minutes is best.

You note that the most important thing in how to train parrots to talk is that you need to have patience, it takes 2-3 years for a bird to want to sing well, so it takes time for a parrot to talk well. that much. Incorporating train parrots to talk on your fingertips will bring greater efficiency.

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