How much does a blue parrot cost? 5 things to keep in mind

How to know how much does a blue parrot cost?

Depending on the region, the distribution of ornamental birds, parrot prices will vary. Moreover, how much blue parrot bird costs depends on many factors. We invite you to join the Pet Me shop to find the answer to how much does the vet bird feed through the article below.

Parrots are one of th ornamental birds that always receive the sympathy and affection of many people, because of their attractive appearance and their intelligent and friendly nature. In particular, it must be mentioned the blue parrot, a species of ornamental parrot that is raised the most today.


How much does a blue parrot cost depends on their age, size and skills. There are blue parrots costing up to hundreds of millions of dong, but their owners still have no intention of selling. So you know the value of this parrot is really not cheap.

To find out how much does a blue parrot cost is, we need to analyze and comment based on many different factors such as species, age, growth stage as well as beauty and outstanding features. If you are a bird lover and want to have a parrot to raise, it is very important to find out and refer to how much does a blue parrot cost on the market.

Techniques for raising blue parrots for newbies:

The following points should be kept in mind when raising parrots:

1. Bird cage

With parrots, you should use metal cages. Because this type of cage is durable, easy to clean and always keeps their habitat clean.

Cage size depends on the number of parrots you keep:

  • Raising 1 child: cage size 30x30cm or diameter 30cm
  • Breeding 1 pair: cage size 40x40cm or 35x50cm

In the cage, you should prepare water, food and 2 staggered perches so the parrot can freely fly around in the cage.

2. Food

When kept in cages, you can feed them with commercially available cereals, nutritional seeds or artificial bran. At the same time, adding green vegetables and ripe fruits to help provide enough vitamins and minerals for parrots.


The best time to feed parrots is in the morning and late afternoon. When feeding, you should be gentle, avoid making loud noises that will scare the bird.

3. Care

Parrots love water. You should bathe them regularly to remove the bacteria, dirt, parasites on the parrot. However, depending on the time, you should note how to shower:

Summer: can shower every day
Winter: bathe on a warm sunny day, avoid letting them catch a cold

4. Teach parrots to talk

Teaching parrots to talk is the goal of any birdwatcher. To teach parrots to speak well and fluently, you need to be patient, spend a lot of time and train them daily.

First, you have to talk to them to get used to them, practice reacting in different situations. Then, teach them to say short, easy-to-pronounce words, and then teach them new words.

In addition, a simpler way is to raise 2 animals in 1 cage. This will stimulate them to learn to speak faster, and at the same time make them not feel lonely.


5. Treatment room

Like some other birds, parrots are often very susceptible to intestinal diseases, typhoid, … due to the humid environment, contaminated food and water.

When infected, they often show some symptoms such as:

Standing moody, eating poorly or skipping meals, drinking a lot of water
The stools are yellowish white, greenish white, have a fishy smell, sometimes with blood

If you find that your bird is sick, you should treat them promptly to prevent them from getting worse, which can cause the bird to die:

  • Use medications as directed by your veterinarian
  • Isolate the infected bird, and give the bird medicine to the sick bird, because they are most likely infected with the pathogen
  • Clean bird cages
  • Supplement nutrients, minerals, vitamins daily to increase resistance for birds

The article on Pet Me shop shared with you how to raise parrots for newbies and how to determine how much does a blue parrot cost is. There are many people wondering how much does a blue parrot cost in the South, how much does a blue parrot cost in the North? However, how much does a blue parrot cost not only depends on the distribution region factor. But how much blue vet bird costs depends on many other factors.

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