Why is there a difference in the prices of parrots on the market?

Prices of popular parrots in Vietnam:

The prices of parrots in Vietnam is very diverse, such as:

  • Red-billed green parrots can teach you how to speak: VND 190,000
  • Young LoveBird parrots: VND 1,000,000
  • Sun parrot: 3,500,000 VND
  • Round-cheeked parrots. 1,235,000 VND
  • Parrots blue. VND 5,300,000
  • Red Parrot spawns. VND 24,000,000

The prices of parrots above are for reference only, because from time to time the selling price may fluctuate up or down.


Why are the prices of parrots different types?

Currently on the market there are many different species of parrot, so the prices of parrots also varies quite a lot depending on the parrot breed, rarity or their natural abilities.

The prices of parrots will vary by region. Depending on the size, weight, age, the prices of parrots also varies. In Vietnam, imported parrots are worth hundreds of millions of dong, but their owners still do not want to sell.


How to prevent diarrhea for parrots:

Take your parrot to the vet for regular checkups:

Even if there aren’t any signs of illness, your parrot should be seen by a veterinarian regularly. Precautions can help identify difficult-to-detect diseases and prolong the life of your parrot.

Your veterinarian can help identify and rule out parasitic infections, which are common causes of diarrhea.

Change your diet slowly:

A sudden change in diet is a common cause of diarrhea in parrots because it alters the parrot’s digestive process. If you need to change your parrot’s diet, it should be done slowly.

Add new foods little by little to your parrot’s familiar foods. After several weeks, increase the amount of new food until finally the parrot eats only the new food.

Keep the birdcage clean:

Diarrhea can be a symptom of many diseases, so keeping your parrots away from disease will help prevent illness. The most important step in preventing disease in parrots is to keep their cages clean.

  • The bird cage should be cleaned up on a daily basis quickly, including clearing food/water dishes and changing food/water. In addition, you should change the paper under the bird cage daily.
  • The cage should be cleaned regularly. Need to take birds and objects inside out. Then, clean each item the parrot uses, and clean out the entire cage.

cach phong ngua tieu chay cho vet

Quarantine for new parrots:

  • To prevent disease transmission, you should leave new parrots alone when bringing them home. Making sure the new parrot does not carry diseases that can infect the old parrot is an important step in preventing diarrhea in the parrot.
  • New parrots should be kept in a separate room for about 30 days. Also, during the day, it is advisable to use separate care items for parrots, such as dishes and cleaning utensils.
  • Tips for beginners to raise parrots
  • If you want your parrot to love you more, give it a treat. If you reward your parrot for good behavior, it will often be docile.
  • When your parrot isn’t behaving the way you want it to, leave it alone for a few minutes and don’t reward bad behavior.
  • Sometimes just a loving look is enough to make the bird like you.
  • Never do anything to frighten or worry a bird. That won’t build affection or trust.
  • Do not pat the birdcage when the parrot is near. The parrot will panic.
  • Never chase parrots by hand! Just slowly place your hand in the cage, near the door, and let the parrot get used to your presence.
  • Talk softly to your parrot while you are stroking its feathers. This will signal to your parrot that you are truly safe around and help strengthen your bond with your parrot.
  • The most effective way to make your pet parrot fall in love with you is to fulfill its every need!

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