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Skateboards for Parrots


Skateboards for parrots, help educate smart, agile and energetic parrots. High-quality plastic skateboards against destructive forces from parrots.

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Skateboards for parrots, helping to train parrots to be more intelligent, agile and active.

Features of skateboards for parrots

  • Made from high quality, durable plastic.
  • Set to suit your pet parrot.
  • The parrot will keep its body well because of the high friction on the face.
  • Vivid and cute texture under the board will make your parrot love it.
  • Because it is high-quality plastic, it can withstand the breaking force of birds and parrots.
  • Flexible wheels in moving help pet parrots more interesting.

Pet Me Shop specializes in selling and supplying parrot accessoriesparrot toys, color discrimination games and other imported games for training parrots as well as some other animals (see also: Handbook parrot rearing).

For further information, please contact:

Hotline:  091 709 6677 – 091 707 6677 (Mr. Tài)

Address showroom: Pet Me Coffee – No. 21, Street 6, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc City.


+ Small type: 60,000 VND/piece

+ Large type: 80,000 VND/piece  

Advanced: plastic materials

Origin: Taiwan

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