Zupreem Pure Fun – Size L


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Zupreem Pure Fun – This delicious mixture is a blend of fruits, dried nuts and vegetables with the same size of food pieces that are suitable for parrots such as: AMAZONS, MACAWS, COCKATOOS and OTHER BIG WAXES, helps minimize wasted food.

  • Made in: USA
  • Weight: 0.907kg

Zupreem Pure Fun – This is a food with a premium blend of fruits such as: ORANGE, APPLE, GRAPE, BANANA, PINEAPPLE and dried nuts such as: CHESTNUTS, PEA, PEANUTS. And in addition, there are: CARROT, RICE POWDER. Especially indispensable vitamins and essential minerals for parrots. Create an extremely nutritious meal for your pet parrot.


  • Has a highly nutritious and well-balanced formula to help birds grow faster and give a brighter coat
  • Contains beneficial microorganisms for the bird’s health and digestive tract.
  • Contains the right digestive enzymes for birds that help birds digest carbohydrates and proteins well, these enzymes are great for hatching birds or with digestive problems.
  • Contains Omega-3, DHA is suitable for brain, cardiovascular and visual development of birds.



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