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Zupreem FruitBlend Flavors – Size S (500gr)

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Zupreem PastaBlend size L adult bird food, provides your birds with the nutrients they need for a healthy and balanced diet.

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Zupreem PastaBlend – This is a combination of: Corn, barley, soybeans in the shape of pasta, adding natural colors along with essential vitamins and minerals for parrots, providing a filling meal. nutrients and variety of colors for your pet parrot.

Zupreem PastaBlend Features:

  • Highly nutritious and balanced formula for faster growth and brighter plumage.
  • Contains beneficial microorganisms for the health and digestive tract of parrots.
  • Contains digestive enzymes suitable for parrots, which help parrots digest carbohydrates and proteins well, these enzymes are very good for parrots who have just hatched or have digestive problems.
  • Contains Omega-3, DHA suitable for brain development, cardiovascular and visual functions of parrots.

Zupreem PastaBlend – Daily Essentials for Parrots that fit the pasta shape and natural color, adding variety to your parrot’s daily meal. Includes vitamins and minerals parrots need every day.

For further information, please contact:

Hotline:  091 709 6677 – 091 707 6677 (Mr. Tài)

Address showroom: Pet Me Coffee – No. 21, Street 6, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc City.

  • Origin: USA
  • Weight: 1,474kg
  • Suitable: Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos and other large parrots all love this pellet size.

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