Straw Bird Nest

Straw Bird Nest


Reinforced bird cage keychain extra locks for cages

bird cage keychain

Parrot Bathtub


The specially designed parrot bath makes your parrot a comfortable bathing space.


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Pet Me Shop specializes in selling and supplying plastic bathtub for parrots. High-up plastic design helps your parrot will have a happy time.

Outstanding advantages:

⁃ Simply with a domed box cover with a sturdy, flexible base.

⁃ The design of the colorless transparent plastic bathroom helps to absorb sunlight well, easily, remove bacteria and make pet parrots more relaxed.

The details are carefully designed and manipulated to create the perfect line of the bathroom box.

⁃ Safe, non-toxic plastic material ensures the health of pets safely.

⁃ The bathroom box is compact, light, beautiful, easy to move, convenient to carry everywhere.

⁃ Wipe, clean quickly and cleanly.

Material: High-up plastic

Made in Thailand

For further information, please contact:

Hotline:  091 709 6677 – 091 707 6677 (Mr. Tài)

Address showroom: Pet Me Coffee – No. 21, Street 6, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc City.

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