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Green Cheeked Parakeet is playful, affectionate and intelligent, known as having a “big personality in a small body”



  • Color : green, black, red
  • Length : 26 cm
  • Weight : 60 – 80g
  • Life span : 20 – 30 years
  • Adulthood : 2 years old

(3 month old parrot, domesticated and it is getting a hang of self-feeding . Prices may vary depending on time)

Vaccination Program (Free):

– Flu, Diarrhea – monthly (200.000đ/time)

– Deworm – every 3 months (200.000đ/time)

– Coccidiosis – every 3 months (300.000đ/time)

– NewCastle – every 4 months (500.000đ/time)

– Lung Mushrooms – monthly (100.000đ/time)

– Hen / Typhoid / Pasteurellosis – monthly (100.000đ/time)

*** With the advice of Dr. Nguyen Nhu Pho – Professor of HCM Agricultural University.

Pet Me Shop specializes in buying and selling national Green Cheeked Parakeet parrots . Ensuring beautiful parrots , medical certificates quarantine . For further information , please contact :

Hotline:  091 709 6677 – 0916 399 299 (Mr. Tài)

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Green Cheeked Parakeet or Green Cheeked Conure is typically 26 cm (10 in) and weigh about  60-80g. It is mainly green ,  with a brown/black/grey crown, white periophthalmic rings, green cheeks, blue primary wing feathers, a grey beak, and its long pointed tail is mostly maroon. It has short transverse striations on its breast and a red abdominal area.

Green Cheeked Parakeet is playful, affectionate and intelligent, known as having a “big personality in a small body”. They can learn to talk, albeit with a limited vocabulary and a gravelly voice.In captivity,  Green-cheeked parrots can live to 30 years with proper care, though the average lifespan is typically 10 years due to owner neglect. It is known, they can create mutations in cage .

Nutrition :The green-cheeked conure eats various seeds ( sunflower seed, millet seed,…)  , vegetables and fruits. When captive still similar, but comes with extra vegetables. Food available for sale is the appropriate choice.