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Large imported aviary powder coated steel size L (92x60x170)


Stainless Steel Transport Cage Size XL

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Large Imported Parrot Cage Stainless Steel Size M (61x52x151)


Pet Me Shop specializes in selling and supplying imported parrot cages. Specialized design, durable material, suitable for small, medium and large parrots.


Stainless steel parrot cages are made of stainless steel to avoid mouse bites like wooden, bamboo, and bamboo cages, not only that, they are not eaten by hookworms. The ultimate choice for the parrot’s safety.

Size: M 61x52x151cm

Features of parrot cage

  • The space inside the cage is large.
  • Can mutate when the parrot spawns.
  • Secure lock, easy locking operation.
  • The sturdy cage can easily withstand the impact of the parrot’s beak.
  • Cleaning the cage is very easy.
  • Meticulously processed, the welds are very smooth and safe.
  • Withstand harsh environments such as: Rain, wind,…
  • Give your parrot the best feeling.

Pet Me Shop specializes in selling and supplying parrot accessoriesparrot toys, color discrimination games and other imported games for training parrots as well as some other animals (see also: Handbook parrot rearing).

Size: M 61x52x151cm

Origin: Taiwan

Material: stainless steel

Color: Color as shape

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