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Imported parrot cage

Imported parrot cage pentagon Size XL


Large Imported Parrot and Bird Cages 2 Compartments Size XL

Bird cage

Cage for Imported Parrots, 3 Floors Large Size (Size M)


The cage for imported parrots is suitable for raising many parrots in the same cage with 3 floors.


Cage for imported parrots with 3 convenient layers suitable for all types of parrots.

Size: M (70×45.5×188)

Features of cage for imported parrots

  • The space inside the cage is large.
  • Can mutate when the parrot spawns.
  • The locking pin is firm and easy to operate the lock.
  • The sturdy cage can easily withstand the impact of the parrot’s beak.
  • Cage cleaning is easy.
  • Meticulously machined so the welds are smooth and safe.
  • Withstands harsh environments such as rain, wind, etc.
  • Give your parrot the best feeling.

Pet Me Shop specializes in selling nutritious food and toys for pets. Imported goods ensure prestige and quality.

Size: M (70×45.5×188)

Origin: Taiwan

Material: Powder coated steel

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