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The seed cake for parrots is made from various types of legumes and seeds using advanced technology to bake them into bar-shaped treats. It preserves the natural nutritional value and vitamins, providing a sweet and rich flavor from almond and pomegranate combined with the natural sweetness of honey.


  • The bar-shaped cake offers an enjoyable chewing experience for birds while being tasty.
  • Feeding the cake to parrots is considered a reward, enhancing the bond between the pet owner and the bird. It also helps reduce boredom and stress in the bird.

When choosing treats for pets, it is important to consider the bird’s needs and the nutritional benefits they receive from the ingredients. Only use ingredients suitable for the specific bird.


  • The Prestige Versela-Laga seed cake is designed with the Magifix bar system, allowing for quick and secure hanging in the bird cage.
  • Let the bird enjoy the pleasure of chewing and savoring the delicious flavor of the cake.
  • The Fresh Pack packaging helps keep the cake fresh and maintain its flavor.

Pet Me Shop specializes in buying and selling parrots nationwide. Make sure the parrot is beautiful, has a health certificate for quarantine, and is cheap.

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