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Nutribird P15 is an excellent complete seed food for pet birds. It is specially developed for large companion birds and adult birds.


  • Provides a diverse range of plant seeds, with a delicious taste derived from 10% hemp seeds and a mixture of various other plant seeds comprising 3%.
  • Offers a sweet taste from 5% apples, vegetables, and other fresh fruits, providing essential vitamins.
  • Contains a pleasant aroma, 15% protein, and 16% fat, meeting the nutritional needs of birds.
  • Supplies 2.3mg of iodine to prevent iodine deficiency, which is the leading cause of thyroid dysfunction and other diseases.
  • Nutribird is a tasty and nutritious bird food that prevents nutritional issues and allows for appropriate food selection.
  • Contains a variety of fruits and dietary fiber, promoting beneficial gut bacteria and maintaining a healthy digestive system balance.
  • The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio (0.9:0.6) in the food helps in developing strong bones and prevents calcium deficiency.
  • The size of the food pellets is suitable for easy picking and consumption by birds, avoiding breakage or wastage, ensuring they receive adequate nutrition, and saving on costs.
  • Healthy birds will have neither excessively loose nor overly hard droppings. Good quality droppings should have consistent color, either dark green or gray. Healthy bird droppings will contain minimal water content (the liquid part of the droppings).
  • Healthy bird droppings should have a uniform color, either dark green or gray. A high urea content will result in white or cream-colored droppings. Healthy birds should have minimal water content in their droppings (the liquid part of the droppings).

Nutribird P15 is guaranteed to be delicious, easily digestible, and enhances immune strength.

Nutribird is the only food used by leading zoos worldwide and veterinarians across the globe.

Pet Me Shop specializes in buying and selling parrots nationwide. Make sure the parrot is beautiful, has a health certificate for quarantine, and is cheap.

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