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This is the most popular one in Cockatoos and easily found in Australia. Galah is attractive and friendly, so it is a popular choice for a pet in family.

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The Cockatoo Galah is an affectionate and friendly bird.

Cockatoo Galahs are sensitive birds, however, and require quite a bit of attention and interaction from owners. Those interested in owning a Cockatoo Galah should make sure they have plenty of spare time to spend with their new pet.

The pink-breasted cockatoo has bright pink feathers on its chest, belly, and lower half of the face. They have pinkish-white heads and gray backs, wings and tail feathers. They have gray legs and colored horn beaks.

Find out more about the Cockatoo Galah below!

How to Nurture a Cockatoo Galah

  • Color: grey, pink
  • Length: 20-35 cm
  • Weight: 300-400g
  • Life span: 70-80 years
  • Adulthood: 3-5 years old

(4-month parrot’s price, the parrot is domesticated and able to eat itself. The price depends on time)


Parrots have been vaccinated free of charge for the following diseases:

–  Colds, intestinal diseases – Monthly (VND 200,000/time)

–  Profit book – Every 3 months (100,000 VND/time)

–  Coccidiosis (Digestive of blood) – Every 3 months (VND 100,000/time)

–  NewCastle (Cholera) – Every 4 months, birds stay at Pet Me 3 days (500,000 VND)

–  Lung fungus – Monthly (VND 100,000/time)

–  Asthma / Typhoid / Blood clots – Monthly (VND 100,000/time)

*** With the advice of Dr. Nguyen Nhu Pho – Lecturer at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City.


Pet Me Shop specialize in buying and selling Galah Cockatoo nationwide. We ensure that our parrots are beautiful and quarantined.

For further information, please contact:

Hotline:  091 709 6677 – 091 707 6677 (Mr. Tài)

Address showroom: Pet Me Coffee – No. 21, Street 6, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc City.

This is the most popular one in Cockatoos and easily found in Australia. Galah has 2 main color which are grey at back and pink at face, chest and light pink at crest. The average size and weight are 20-35cm and 300-400g respectively. The fur color of young Galah is darker than that of mature one. Galah can reach 70-80 years old in well-cared, good captive environment following strict rule for its meals. Just like other parrots, Galah is able to learn to speak and make fun.

Galah is attractive and friendly, so it is a popular choice for a pet in family. However, it is quite sensitive and needs frequent care, interaction from its owner. Therefore, when adopting Galah, you need to make sure to spend enough time for it. Furthermore, Galah is active so you should let it out of cage 3-4h a day for relaxing. Toys are essential for their hobby: biting and nibbling.

Nutrition: Galah’s foods are seeds, nuts, vegetable, canned foods for parrots or some foods for human. However, Cockatoos can gain weight easily. Hence, the fat in sunflower seed and other oil-contained seeds to prevent fat tumor diseases.

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