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Coconut Shell Nest for Parrots Size S


Stepped Coconut Shell Nest Size S

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The nest is made from natural dried coconut shells, does not use paint or artificial materials, and is an environmentally friendly product. Very easy to wash and clean, safe, friendly to use with birds and animals.



Coconut shell nest for parrots is a suitable nest for your beautiful birds. The coconut shell nest is hung with a rope for the birds to move around and play. Inside the nest there is coconut fiber to create a warm feeling for the birds to nest, lay eggs and nurture young birds.

Coconut shell nests are a unique and convenient product that can both make a perfect nest for ornamental birds to live in like a safe, warm home, and can also be used to decorate garden spaces. cafes, resorts, homestays,… in a modern style, close to nature. Made from natural coconut shells, the bird’s nest has a rustic, simple beauty, suitable for raising many different types of birds according to your preferences.

Coconut shell nest with a new design, combining the nest and wooden steps so that the birds have a warm place to rest and a place to move and play. The nest is made of sturdy, pure wood, friendly to your lovely birds, and is an ideal alternative to current bird nests made of plastic or artificial materials. If you are skillful or have ideas for making handmade items, you can add a few vivid drawings to the body of the bird’s nest to mark the personality and differences of your bird’s nest. Your bird cage will become more eye-catching with a lovely, interesting bird’s nest inside. The birds will be more agile and fun in their small nest.

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