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Be known as a parrot with high aptitude for imitating, they easy imitate whistle, sound of metal. They specialize enjoy communicating so you should cherish and talk with them

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Nurturing: Parrots need a comfortable space, lots of toys and lots of interaction with the owner such as playing, stroking, learning tricks, all of which will help your parrot not be stressed

Alexandrine Parakeet

  • Color: green, pink, black
  • Length: 58 cm
  • Height: 200- 300g
  • Life span: 30- 40 years
  • Maturity: 2 years old

(6 month old parrot. Prices may vary depending on time.  Season babies Alexandrian Parrot in the begin of the lunar year)

Vaccination Program (Free):

–  Colds, intestinal diseases – Monthly (VND 200,000/time)

–  Profit book – Every 3 months (100,000 VND/time)

–  Coccidiosis (Digestive of blood) – Every 3 months (VND 100,000/time)

–  NewCastle (Cholera) – Every 4 months, birds stay at Pet Me 3 days (500,000 VND)

–  Lung fungus – Monthly (VND 100,000/time)

–  Asthma / Typhoid / Blood clots – Monthly (VND 100,000/time)

*** With the advice of Dr. Nguyen Nhu Pho – Lecturer at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City.

Pet Me Shop specializes in buying and selling national Alexandrian Parakeet. Ensuring beautiful parrots , medical certificates quarantine.

For further information, please contact:

Hotline:  091 709 6677 – 091 707 6677 (Mr. Tài)

Address showroom: Pet Me Coffee – No. 21, Street 6, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc City.

In term of biology, Alexandrine Parakeet is in wild parrot group, long tail and has ringneck, with 2 features of this species: the adult male parrot has a dark color border on the nape (ring) and all of them have very long tail, occupy ½ body length. As a pet, Alexandrine Parakeet is known as a friendly parrot, good resistance, life span can reach about 30- 40 years

Be known as a parrot with high aptitude for imitating, in fact, quality imitate of Alexandrine is not as well as African grey parrot or rackle. They are not good at imitate the voice of human, specialize vowel o,a. Just a few individuals can remember and learn about 20 words.

They easy imitate whistle, sound of metal. They specialize enjoy communicating so you should cherish and talk with them. Their cages should have colorful toys (made from wood and hang by little chain) for them. When you care them less, they usually stress- become rampant, bite human, yell, or quietly and deplume itself. The only one solution is take care of them, feeding variety, comfortable cage, near nature that can be their psychological relief.

Nutrition: the main nutrition of Alexandrine Parakeet are cereals, sprout, fresh- fruit. In reproduction season, they are provide itself more mineral from riverine and a few proteins from little bugs. If you breed them, live corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, barley, millet large, hazel nuts… in the form of fresh seed will be used for mixing and make food for parrots. Besides, you can put in some vegetables, carrots, papaya, yam… for them. The fresh fruit, low acidity, such as apples, pears, guava, mango, dragon fruit, grapes, papaya, cucumber, jicama, fresh legumes (beans, peas) …. also feed them as their favorite, not limit amount. Sometimes, you can give them dessert such as cookie with few butters, confectionary, yogurt low cold.

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