Teach parrot to kiss lips 1

Give the command “kiss” and then sandwich a small piece of cake or fruit, etc. Parrot likes food in between your lips, bring it closer.

Parrots are brightly colored birds, dignified like a queen with extremely skillful imitation skills. For those reasons, they are loved and chosen by many aquarists. However, raising parrots is very difficult and teaching them to talk is even more difficult.

Teach parrot to kiss lips

The parrot will reach for the food –> click “click” –> (reward this time. is the food the Parrot has just obtained). Repeat the above operation until I give the command “kiss” to bring the lips (this time no longer need food on the lips) according to the parrot will stretch out its beak to find food in your lips. When the Parrot’s beak touches your lips —> click “click” -> reward. Repeat until mastered.

kiss 1

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