How to bathe dogs and cats you want to know

Raising cats and dogs is currently a lot of people’s attention, especially today’s young people. However, not everyone knows how to bathe dogs and cats. So how to bathe cats and dogs properly so that they are always clean and healthy.

Dogs and cats are pets that are loved by everyone today because of their cuteness. However, in the process of caring, not everyone does the same as how to bathe dogs and cats. Bathing dogs and cats helps them stay clean, healthy, and comfortable.

Details of bathing dogs and cats

1. Is it okay to bathe cats and dogs?

Until now, dogs have been the guardians of the house, and cats are the ones that catch mice and don’t need to be bathed. However, you should bathe your dog and cat to prevent skin diseases, not only to protect the health of dogs and cats, but also to protect the health of us humans, especially children. Dogs and cats have hair, so they are easy to get lice, so they need to be cleaned. Hot and humid climate is easy for bacteria on the skin of dogs and cats to make them sticky, hairy, bacteria can lose all hair, and get scabies. When bathing a dog or cat, you can control it to see if it has skin diseases so that it can be treated in time.

2. How to bathe cats and dogs includes what steps?

Before bathing dogs and cats, you should prepare cotton to put in the ears to prevent water from getting into the ears, affecting the health of susceptible cats and dogs. Prepare a dry towel for bathing and then dry. Before bathing, you should brush your hair to remove any loose hairs and dirt.

Use a hose to lightly spray the hair, while spraying and rubbing the water evenly, then add soap to kill bacteria and dirt. Then spray with clean water to remove all soap. The last step is to dry with a dry towel or you can blow-dry the hair.

tam cho thu cungBathing cats and dogs

3. Should cats and dogs be bathed regularly?

Dogs and cats do have a lot of hair that is easy to get dirty, but they should not bathe too much like bathing every day. Bathing should be about 1 to 2 times a week. When cats and dogs have health problems, they absolutely should not bathe dogs and cats. In some cases, dogs should not be bathed such as immediately after eating, when sick, after vaccination, newly purchased, during the breeding period or when the dog has just given birth.

4. When to bathe cats and dogs?

Although you do not bathe regularly, it is advisable to bathe dogs and cats when they are dirty, when there is a lot of dirt and mucus on their fur, making them uncomfortable to lick their fur. There are many layers of dead skin clinging to the skin, so shower regularly to avoid skin infections. Bathe your dog when it’s time to shed so they don’t get itchy.

tam cho cunBathe dogs and cats clean, avoid skin diseases

Some notes you need to know when bathing cats and dogs

Do not use human shower gel for animals, cats and dogs because the skin of dogs and cats is acidic, so it is easy to irritate, causing itching and allergies. When you have dermatitis, use shower gel as well as a veterinarian’s prescription because dogs and cats are very sensitive, easily making the disease worse. Take a quick bath for dogs and cats to avoid colds and colds. After bathing, you need to dry it to make sure you don’t catch a cold. If there’s anything unusual, you need to see a veterinarian for advice.

Above are instructions on how to bathe cats and dogs. Those who have just raised cats and dogs can refer to it to keep dogs and cats clean, prevent skin diseases, and affect development. For more information, you can contact

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