Sharing the Experience of Raising Kittens Everyone Should Know1

A soft, cuddly cat always has an irresistible attraction. This article would like to share the experience of raising kittens that you want to know to take better care of funny cats!

Cats are quite popular pets, but raising kittens requires mastering a few things to be able to prepare them for the best environment. This article would like to share  the experience of raising kittens  for those of you who are still confused when raising a kitten for the first time.

meoExperience of raising kittens

Experience of raising kittens with a diet

Cats have good times, sick times, old and weak times, that is an inevitable rule, at each stage, we will have different care regimes. According to the age of the cat, the cat’s diet will follow the following standards:

  • For newborn kittens up to 6 weeks old

At this stage, kittens are still quite weak and need special care. Kittens need to be warmed 24/7 with a heater or a cotton towel. If a mother cat is not available, feed the kittens 3 to 4 times with pasteurized milk. Need to supplement calcium for dogs and cats in milk with a dosage of 1/6 tablets per day.

  • For kittens 6 weeks to 10 weeks old

At this stage, kittens can go fast, you should add 1/6 calcium tablets / day. You can train your cat to eat pureed food with fish, chicken, pork… and give milk twice a day. You can also bathe your cat once a month with warm water mixed with a specialized shower gel.

  • For kittens from 3 months to 6 months old

Kittens at this stage are at an old age and do not need additional milk. You can feed your cat rice along with meats and regular calcium supplements. At this stage, it is necessary to deworm and vaccinate according to the cat’s animal register.

  • For cats over 6 months old

This is the adult stage of the cat and is easier to take care of because the cat already has a good resistance. This period also needs deworming and periodic vaccination according to the veterinary monitoring book.

cham soc meoExperience in raising kittens with periodic vaccinations

Experience raising kittens by training and creating living habits

If you want your cat to have habits such as going to the toilet in the right place, brushing teeth, etc., you can refer to the following information:

  • As for going to the toilet in the right place:

You need to create a fixed toilet area for the cat with a quiet space. Restrooms must be cleaned daily or weekly. You should not change the scent or the place of the toilet too suddenly or the cat will refuse to go.

  • To clean your cat’s teeth:

Cats often have dental problems, showing weak teeth, loose teeth, bad breath, etc. You can brush your cat’s teeth every day with a specialized toothpaste for cats. To get your cat to cooperate, let her taste the toothpaste first and do not brush for more than 30 seconds.

danh rang cho meoExperience raising kittens by taking care of their teeth

Cats are animals that like to be clean, oral hygiene will help cats avoid dental diseases and help improve the life of cats.

One point to note to have smart healthy cats, you also need to choose a cat supplier with a clear origin.

If you want your cat to have habits such as going to the toilet in the right place, brushing teeth, etc., you can refer to the following information

For more detailed information about  the cat experience  , you can visit the website: to  Supported.


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