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Description: Toys for cats and dogs are items and tools that help dogs and cats play, play, and entertain comfortably, creating spiritual values ​​for them to help them become smarter.

Dogs and cats are very active, energetic, friendly animals and are chosen by many people as pets. It can be said that dogs and cats are companions and loyal to humans. If you care for cats and dogs properly, you can see that dogs and cats love to play, love to play with their owners or if they don’t have owners, they will find ways to play on their own. Therefore, to be able to create a comfortable spirit, to help cats and dogs gain intelligence, it is necessary to equip them with toys. So how to make toys for cats and dogs?

How to make toys for cats and dogs

  • Create more dynamism for dogs and cats, help them exercise more, improve health.
  • This is also a way to train cats and dogs to help them obediently.

meochoidoToys for dogs make them smarter and more active

  • Create more thinking for dogs and cats, helping them focus on playing with toys without breaking the owner’s belongings.
  • Making toys for cats and dogs also helps them to be more sociable and friendly because they receive attention from their owners.
  • With a fairly simple method, the owner can do it himself or if he doesn’t have time, he can also buy it at pet toy stores.

Some ways to make toys for cats and dogs

Dogs and cats are inherently hyperactive and curious, so they love to explore, so cats and dogs often bite if they don’t equip them with toys. And how to make toys for cats and dogs is also very simple, you can do it at home or buy it at a pet toy store.

Handball toy

The ball has a round shape, an old tennis ball can be used to make toys for cats and dogs or no longer used balls.

Cut the fabric to use and wrap it around the ball, then use a string to tie it so that when cats and dogs bite and play, it will not fall off.

If there is no cloth, you can still leave a smooth ball for dogs and cats to play.

Fabric dog and cat bone toy

The easiest way is to draw a bone on a piece of paper, then place it on the cloth to cut out the shape of the bone.

Using a sewing needle to sew it together, the shape of the bone will be drawn, note that the size should be just right to fit the mouth of a dog or cat.

xuong cho meo

Bone toys for cats and dogs

Fishing rods for cats and dogs

Because of the playful, hyperactive personality that likes to run and jump, the fishing rod will be an extremely interesting toy for dogs and cats. It can simply be made of a plastic pipe or a small log, the length is suitable for the hand, then tied with a rope, the bait can be made of cloth or other eye-catching colors to attract attention. attention of cats and dogs.

can cau cho meo
Fishing rods for cats and dogs

Used scrolls

With this roll of paper, there is no simpler way, when the paper is used, keep its core, then roll this core roll over in front of cats and dogs, they will play with this roll of paper.

Another way to make toys for cats and dogs is to be able to trim them into unique, fluffy wings for cats and dogs to enjoy playing.

Paper box for cats and dogs

Make use of cardboard boxes for dogs and cats to lie down and play or you can also crawl into it to sleep.

Above is an introductory article on how to make toys for cats and dogs . In addition, for more interesting experiences when raising dogs and cats, please visit the website:

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