How to supplement nutrition for cats?

Description: – A reputable pet store system would like to share with you some information about how to supplement nutrition for cats.

One of the most important things for a cat to have a good health is a balanced and correct diet. also have better resistance. Therefore, today – The number 1 trusted pet store system in Vietnam would like to share with you some information about analyzing how to supplement nutrition for cats.

Need to supplement the necessary nutritional groups in the cat’s diet

Vitamin A: Cats do not have the ability to convert carotenes in plants into vitamin A, so vitamin A supplementation is extremely important. If you provide food that lacks vitamin A, cats will grow slowly, lose weight easily, damage cell membranes and reduce resistance, especially female cats may have amenorrhea, difficult to develop fertilized embryos or mother cats to give birth. abnormality, such as a cleft palate.

Vitamin B3: A deficiency of vitamin B3 will cause your pet to lose weight, reduce appetite, ruffle fur and cause lesions around the mouth.

Fatty Acids: Cats should be supplemented with animal fats in their diet because dermatitis and poor reproductive performance are conditions that can occur with a lack of fat.

Taurine: Failure to provide this nutrient can cause your pet to develop central retinal degeneration leading to blindness, in addition, cats can develop dilated cardiomyopathy and poor reproduction.

meo anFeed your cat a complete meal of nutrients

How to supplement nutrition for cats?

Before providing the necessary nutrition for your cat, you should note that you should feed your cat at least two meals a day or give solid food. Then you need to choose foods that contain full of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, fatty acids, Taurine, etc. At the same time, to meet the cat’s needs, you should give them nearly 30 grams of food. . daily canned food, or 10g dry food per 0.45kg body weight. In particular, you should provide enough clean water for your cat every day because water is also a necessary source of nutrients.

How to effectively supplement nutrition for cats?

Scientific and reasonable nutrition always plays a very necessary role in maintaining and ensuring cats have a good health and comprehensive development. Therefore, you should learn carefully about the proper eating habits and nutrition for cats. If you have more questions regarding how to supplement your cat’s nutrition, do not hesitate to contact to have your questions answered.

me an1Feed your cat at least twice a day

Above is the article on how to supplement nutrition for cats that – the number 1 trusted pet store system in Vietnam wants to bring to customers. Hope this article will give you some useful knowledge. Contact our website for a consultation today:

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