Should You Raise a Pet Dog or Cat? 1

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Pets are gradually becoming a popular trend in today’s life. You want to have a pet. But you don’t know whether to have a dog or a pet cat. Then read this article carefully.

Should You Raise a Pet Dog or Cat?

To be able to know what kind of pet you should have, you first need to base on the time you have. No matter what type of pet you have, you need to make time for them. However, each type will require different time periods. Dogs need to be walked, trained, bathed, and brushed more often than cats. So when you have a dog, you need to spend more time with them.

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Next is based on your home space. Since the growth of dogs and cats is different, the space they need is also different. Usually because of their active and mischievous nature, dogs need more space to play than cats.

The second is based on the characteristics of the animal. If you need a loyal friend then dogs are the perfect choice for you. Cats are independent and show little emotion, but they know how to cuddle you.

Pet care issues you need to know

The first problem is the utensils. You need to prepare the necessary items before raising a pet. These are food, sanitary ware, food bowls, combs, nameplates, toys, moving cages, and so on. In addition, it is also necessary to mention a number of other items such as: a litter tray, a scratcher if you have a cat, a leash if you have a dog and a little anti-mite medicine to prevent use.

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The second problem is dog food. You should prioritize choosing foods rich in amino acids and proteins. In addition, you can also choose from foods available on the market that both save time and meet your nutritional needs.

The third issue is pet health. Dogs and cats are animals with quite thick coats. The coat is an ideal hiding place for ticks, fleas, etc. These parasites not only affect pets but can also cause itching and inflammatory skin diseases for the client. Therefore, you need to wash and clean them regularly and cleanly. When there are signs of disease, you need to bring your pet immediately to the veterinarian for timely treatment.

The fourth problem is discipline training. When raising pets, you must train them with certain habits to make it easier to keep. Some necessary lessons are to go to the toilet in the right place, not to bite things, …

huanluyenchomeoPet etiquette training

The fifth issue is cost. This is probably the factor most people consider when choosing a dog or cat. The cost of buying food, toys, periodic health care, nutritional supplements for pets will definitely cost you a decent amount. Usually, according to experience, people who have raised dogs are often more expensive than cats. The reason is that because cats are independent, they often know how to take care of themselves and often only rely on humans when they need food. Cats also don’t need as many toys as dogs. A ball is enough fun for them all day

Through this article, you already know if you should have a pet dog or cat . Come to Pet Me Shop now to find your four-legged friends.

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