Sharing Experiences of Pet Dogs Breeding

Dogs are always loyal friends that almost everyone wants to own. In the past, our grandparents used to raise dogs to look after the house, but today, raising dogs has been raised to a new level and requires experience in dogs raising.

Young people today often love to have pets so they can take care of this lovely friend by themselves. However, many young people still do not know how to properly care for their pets, making them susceptible to diseases. Please refer to this article to have more  experience with dogs breeding and be able to take better care of your pet.

kinh nghiem nuoi choExperience of raising dogs helps pets stay healthy

Some dog breeding experiences you should know

1. Experience in raising dogs: Choose a healthy dog ​​breed with a clear origin.

Today there are many different breeds for you to choose from, from the Japanese Pekingese to the cute Poodle. There are also quite adorable hybrid dogs known collectively as Teacup. Many of you like dogs like Pitbull or Husky or Alaskan.

kinh nghiem nuoi cho1Dogs breeding experience – choose your favorite dog breed

The most important thing is that you should choose your favorite dog breed and find out if their characteristics and habitat are suitable for your raising and caring conditions.

Next, you should choose reputable dog shops with clear origins. Adopted dogs must be healthy, agile, shiny and clean.

2. Experience with dogs: Arrange accommodation for pets

You need to choose for your pet a cool place when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold, with enough light, with a clean toilet, away from sharp objects or electrical appliances, because dogs loves to gnaw.

3.   Experience in raising dogs: Diet for pets

Depending on the breed of dogs, the diet and diet will also be different, but you can refer to the meals of the day according to the following developmental stages:

  • Puppies under 2 months old: eat 6 times / day (3h – 5h apart)
  • Puppies from 2 to 4 months old: 5 times a day (4 hours apart)
  • Puppies from 4-6 months old: eat 4 times / day
  • Puppies from 6 to 10 months old: eat 3 times / day
  • Puppies from 10 months old and up: eat 2 times / day

cho cun anExperience in raising dogs – feeding dogs according to age

After each meal, you should let the dog run around freely to digest the food, do not hold or play with the dog’s belly. It is necessary to clean the dog’s eating utensils after each meal and provide adequate water.

4. Experience of raising dogs: Bathing pets

When raising dogs, you also need to regularly bathe and brush them. There are also many dog ​​shampoos on the market, suitable for many different dog breeds, you should choose the right one for your dog. In addition, you can use a tick repellent, which will keep your dog’s coat smooth and clean.

tamchothucungExperience with dogs – regularly bathe and brush your pet’s hair

When bathing your dog, you should take a warm bath, then use a towel to wipe your body and dry. After bathing, you can let the dogs out in the sun or cover them with a blanket to keep them cool.

Some notes not to bathe dogs:

  • Newly bought dogs has not been bathed right away.
  • When it’s cold below 20 degrees C
  • When your dog shows signs of being sick or unwell.

5. Dog experience: Fully vaccinated

You need to monitor the dogs regularly and must have a vaccination book for the dog to vaccinate according to the age of the dogs. You should take your dog to the center to be advised by a veterinarian what diseases your dog should be vaccinated against.

  • For 1-month-old puppies: first deworming, and once a month until 6 months of age.
  • For 6-month-old puppies: deworm every 3 to 4 months.

Pets need to be vaccinated against diseases when they are 3 months old, diseases such as Rabies, Care, Lepto, Pavo…

6. Dog experience: Take your dog for a walk and give them love

Pet dogs are very agile, cute and easy to stress if you keep them in the house forever. Therefore, you should take your pet for walks about 2-3 times a week to run and jump, to help them grow healthy.

Dogs are very emotional animals, once you have raised and cared for them, you should give them affection such as: petting, playing with them, taking them for a walk…

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