Health care manual for South American parrots you should know

What are the outstanding features of South American parrots?

South American parrots are one of the most intelligent birds in the world. South American parrots are not only very good at imitating human voices, but also have a chirping, pleasant sound. The colorful appearance of this bird is also an attraction that makes people love and adore them.

The Scarlet Macaw is species-dependent in size and is a medium-sized bird. There are species that can weigh from 2 to 4 kg, there are species that weigh only 1.2 – 1.7 kg when mature. Body length ranges from 8.6 to 100cm.


The Parrot has a rather large and round head. Their very large beak is the most prominent feature of their face. Their beak is extremely strong and is made up of hard horny layer. Compared to the lower beak, the upper beak is much longer, tends to curl in. The eyes are round, usually black or red. In some breeds, there is also a very large hairy crest on the top of their head. The chest is wide, the back is slightly arched and the belly is quite large. Their necks are quite large and a bit short.

The legs are short, big and extremely strong. Their toes have very hard and sharp claws, often their feet are quite large, rough, this helps them to easily swing, cling, and climb on tree branches. The wings and tail are covered with thick, stiff hair, often quite long.

The thick, very smooth plumage covers the entire body of the bird. The feathers close to their skin are very soft. The outer coat is very colorful but hard. Their colors depend on the species but are mainly blue and green.

What are the reproductive characteristics of South American parrots?

Parrots can breed in any season of the year, but mostly in the summer, they breed in the form of mating and laying eggs.

When it comes to breeding, male and female birds will nest together on tree trunks. The inside of the nest is lined with straw fibers and small branches. On average, a South American Parrot can lay from 4 to 8 eggs


Parrot eggs are milky white and quite small. While incubating the eggs, the male will be responsible for finding and providing food for the female, while the female spends most of the time incubating. South American parrots eggs will hatch between 17-35 days.

Both father and mother birds will take turns to find food to feed the young after the eggs hatch into offspring. In about 2-3 months, young South American Parrots will be raised by their parents, until they have grown almost fully feathered. The mother and father will clear the nest when the chicks leave, to continue the next breeding cycle.

How to take care of South American Parrots

Breeding barn

Parrot cages do not need fancy decorations and are too large. To let them fly, you just need to make sure the cage has enough space. There must be enough food and water inside the cage. In particular, in order for the bird to land, you must equip a wooden stand. You should choose a cage made of metal – parallel to the Parrot, do not use an iron cage. In order for the bird to be in contact with many people, the bird cage should be placed in a cool place, a place to go.

South American Parrot Food?

should add food specifically for Parrots in addition to the nuts they love. This helps provide adequate minerals and nutrients for Nam My vet. Feeding time: Combine seeds, fruit, and dry bird food. You should feed Parrots early in the morning and late at night.

Health care

You should regularly bathe them because Parrots love to bathe in water, to remove all dirt and bacteria in their body. In winter, only warm sunny days are allowed to bathe birds, and in summer, you should bathe once every 2 days. You should dry them after bathing, this will prevent the bird from catching colds and sneezing.


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