White parrots – Issues to keep in mind when raising

About the white parrot breed:

The scientific name of the white parrot is Cacatua Galerita. This parrot species is known by many different names such as: Cockatoo parrot, yellow white parrot or Australian white parrot due to its wide distribution and mainly in Northern Australia.

The average height of an adult white parrot is about 40-50cm. In the wild, their lifespan can range from 40 to 60 years.


White parrots are known to be a large family of parrots. Their plumage color is white, with a yellow crest. Their appearance is quite eye-catching, especially very friendly. Therefore, this parrot breed is kept at home quite a lot.

Compared to many other parrot breeds, white parrots are quite attached to their owners, they love to interact with their owners. The cockatoo often stands up when it is excited or wants to show some emotion. Many parrot owners say they are as affectionate as dogs and cats.

Can white parrots talk?

White parrots are famous for being sociable and intelligent, so they can learn to talk if taught properly. This parrot can say many words, pronounce many words.

Talking with white parrots is not too complicated because this is a very attached parrot, loves to interact with the owner. They are just like children, if you take the time to teach them, they will love it.

Experience teaching white parrots you need to teach them simple words first, gradually increasing the difficulty.


Breeding white parrots need to pay attention to what?


The main food of the white parrot is sunflower seeds, corn kernels, bo bo, rice. In the process of weaning at home, you need to provide enough vitamins and minerals for them. Every day you need to provide an amount of fruit and green vegetables. If fresh food seeds are not available, prepackaged food can be substituted for parrots.

Breeding barn

Since they are quite large parrots, you should prefer a cage with a square or rectangular shape. This will help the parrot move freely, easily climb and play.

The inside of the cage needs to be fully equipped with items such as branches for parrots to perch, toys for parrots, bowls of water and food.

White parrots are social parrots, so you need to place the bird cage in places where you can easily interact and interact with them. At the same time, it is also necessary to watch out for dangerous animals such as dogs, cats, …


Temperature balance is also an important factor that you need to pay attention to when raising white parrots at home. In winter you should cover carefully, should not let the parrot get cold. In the summer, the bird cage should be kept in a shady, cool place. If parrots are in too hot or too cold conditions, they will feel tired, stressed and in poor health.

Health care

In addition to balancing nutrition and habitat, you should also periodically monitor your white parrot’s health.

In case the child shows strange symptoms such as loss of appetite, loose stools, self-plugging, etc., the child should be taken to the doctor immediately.

To prevent the entry of bacteria and viruses, you should give your parrot a full vaccination against basic diseases such as diarrhea, flu…

Always love them

These parrots are very intelligent, they get close and care every day. Therefore, if you have decided to keep them at home, try to spend time interacting with them regularly. You can interact with them when feeding, when teaching to talk… If you are indifferent, they are likely to suffer from depression and stress.

As long as you care and love them, they will also treat you well and love you.

Through the introduction article about white parrots above, you will surely find this parrot species very interesting and impressive, right? Hopefully, the above sharing of Pet Me Shop will help you better understand this bird.

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