Outstanding features of Macaw parrots and notes when raising parrots

About Macaw Parrots:

Macaw parrots (pronounced Vietnamese as Macaws) also known as Macaws is a diverse collection of parrots  with long tails, from small to large, often colorful colors and belonging to the Tan Parrot subfamily. World Arinae distributed mostly in  South America. Many of them are popular for keeping as ornamental birds.


This is a breed of parrot in the family Psittacidae, which is a large, sociable and very noisy parrot. They need a lot of space to be able to maintain their active and healthy lives.

These parrots are very cheerful and energetic. They are quite noisy, capable of mimicking your speech, although not as clearly as some other birds. Because they are very intelligent, they are quite easy to train. You can start raising parrots from a young age, hand-feed them, teach them to speak or sing…

How many types of macaws are there?

There are 2 popular types of Macaw parrots that many people keep as pets, which are:

  • Red Macaw: The red macaw is a macaw species native to South America. The external appearance of this parrot is quite typical, they are covered on the body with red as the main color, alternating with yellow and blue colors. The red macaw is the smallest parrot bird in the family.
  • Blue Macaw: In contrast to the red Macaw, the green Macaw is the largest parrot breed. They have long tails, strong bodies, wide wingspan. They have a very striking yellow-green plumage.


Tips for raising standard Macaw parrots:


In captivity, parrots require a high level of nutrition due to their large size so it is important to always have food available in their cages, in the wild they eat nuts, seeds and plants. object. Food contains 17-20% protein to ensure they are healthy, do not feed at the bottom of the cage, so it should be placed on a face-high tray right within their reach.

Vegetables and fruits are washed, do not leave leftovers for too long to avoid rotting. To supplement their  fats feed them daily with nuts almonds or replace them with nuts of equivalent fat. In addition, you can chop broccoli, pumpkin, green vegetables all kinds and mix with Calcium, vitamins, minerals,  vitamin A (the most important vitamin for birds in terms of brain function, immune system). fluid and help the eyes) and then give them supplementary food.

To supplement vitamin A, you can feed the macaw with boiled potatoes, and at the same time, you can feed a combination of fruits such as apples, pears, cut into small pieces to avoid waste and do not feed more than 2-3 times/week. If the macaw shows signs of nutrient deficiency, supplement with striped sunflower seeds, white sunflower, peanuts, whole shelled oats, corn kernels, almonds, buckwheat, and long thorn seeds.

Breeding method:

When raising Macaw parrots, you need to prepare a large cage. For small parrots, the cage must be 61cm x 92cm x 122cm. For larger parrots, the cage must measure from 92cm x 122cm x 152cm. The bird cage must be made of good material, so that it can withstand the “destructive” power of the Macaw parrot. So a stainless steel cage will be an appropriate choice. In the Macaw’s cage, you should arrange a number of wooden toys or simple, untreated wooden blocks so that the parrot can chew, or play. Because they love to mess around and be destructive, you should always provide heavy toys so your parrot can’t find anything else to chew on.


There are quite a few people who have designed their own toys for parrots, they use materials such as tissue boxes, foam boxes… Every day Macaw parrots will need to have a more spacious space than a cage for them. Explore, spread your wings. This keeps them physically healthy as well as mentally stable. You should regularly let them out of the cage to relax. You just need to hang the chain and fix it. Macaws are flocks of parrots that are also very affectionate. So in the process of taking care, you need to spend a lot of time with them, talk to them so that they feel happy and cared for.

Macaws are long-lived parrots. The health issue that you need to care about most for this parrot is affection. Because of their intelligence, Macaws are easily bored and lonely. A depressed Macaw will pluck its own feathers. There are two solutions to overcome this situation, one is that you have more than one Macaw parrot, the other is that you need to spend a lot of time caring for them.

How much does a macaw cost?

To answer the question how much Macaw parrots need to depend on many factors involved. Before deciding to buy you need to research to choose the appropriate type. A small parrot will need less space. If you have space, you can choose a large bird for yourself.

When choosing Macaw parrots you need to choose those with bright eyes, healthy, full plumage Currently, the selling price of a parrot will have different differences, depending on the size, age, origin, color or plumage. The average selling price of a macaw will range from 5 to 30 million VND. With beautiful and smart children, the selling price can be up to hundreds of millions.

Above is the content of the article shared about Macaw parrots. Hope the article of Pet Me Shop will bring you useful information. Help you get the best experience raising and caring for this parrot.

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