The Secret Experience Of Buying And Pink Breasted Parrots

In Saigon, the popular parrot lines include  South American Parrot, Yen Phung, Malayan Parrot, Lovebird…and indispensable Pink Breasted Parrot. Pink-breasted is a parrot that has bright colors and is quite cheap. Although quite popular, not everyone knows how to buy and raise Pink Breasted Parrots. Therefore Petmeshop will share secret experiences about this Parrot.

1. Pink Chested Parrot Appearance

As the name suggests, the pink-breasted parrot has a rather large pink feather on the front of the chest. Wing and body feathers are green, beak orange or black. The lower part of the head and eye level have a black patch, sometimes pink-breasted parrot feathers have a mixture of orange, blue and yellow colors.

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2. How to recognize pink-breasted parrotroof

Young pink-breasted parrots are difficult to distinguish male or female, because it has 3 stages of beak color change:

Stage 1: At birth, both male and female parrots have red beaks. This phase lasts about 3 months

Stage 2: the color of the bill of young pink-breasted parrots, both male and female, will change from red to black (lasting from 3 to 5 months). This phase lasts 10 months before moving on to the next stage.

Stage 3: If the cockatoo is a cockatoo, the beak will turn red, while the female pink-breasted parrot will keep the beak black.

Parrots are talking birds, so it doesn’t matter if the female is male or female, even the female parrots speak better than the male parrot, but the male parrot has a better appearance than the female parrot (up to 7 colors).

3. How much does a young pink-breasted parrot cost?

When buying, you should choose a parrot about 10 to 15 days old (ask the seller, so you should choose a reputable place to buy), the roof depends on your preferences. The price of young pink-breasted parrots ranges from 250-350k depending on the place of sale, choose healthy young pink-breasted parrots without disease, not sick.

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4. Experience raising pink-breasted parrots

Because the temperature in Saigon is quite hot, so when raising parrots, you just need to use cardboard boxes or  things  that can cover the cold wind. Use shredded paper or newspaper in the bin to keep warm and change the paper every two days.

What do young pink-breasted parrots eat?

*Note: This is a guide for a 30% full feather baby parrot. If the parrot is smaller, feed less.

Each day should be divided into 2-4 meals. The main meal is at 6am and 6pm,  snack meals  at 10am and 10pm to avoid hungry parrots.

Petmeshop lists a number of baby parrot food products by price from cheap to expensive and from low to high quality for you to choose accordingly.

Classic shares: 15,000 VND/ 400g

  • Advantages: Cheap price, only 2 bags are enough to raise a young pink-breasted parrot
  • Cons: soaking time is quite long. Although enough nutrition for large parrots, it lacks the nutrients needed for parrot feathers to grow. So there will be some cases where the parrot’s feathers are frizzy, so it is difficult for the parrot to fly because the feathers on the wings are not developed enough. Because it is a bit thick, it is easy to cause clumping in the parrot’s kite, causing the parrot to vomit, stop eating and die. (If soaking in warm water is enough to soften, this situation will be limited.)

Mynopet: 50,000 VND/ 500g

  • Advantages: Vietnamese goods, so the price is also temporary. This is a product made to feed parrots, so the nutritional content will be better than cp Classic (dog food). Just buy 1 bag enough to feed a large parrot.
  • Cons: Due to the lack of homemade products in Vietnam, the equipment is not professional, so the dough is just fine, but not smooth. However, the product still has enough nutrients for parrots.

RiDIELAC rice and fruit: 50,000/box of 200g

  • Advantages: average price, most parrots like to eat, easy to mix
  • Cons: Parrots eat quickly, they need to buy from 2 to 3 boxes to raise young parrots

Nutribird a21: 280,000 VND/ 500g

Katee powder: 400,000 VND/ 510g

  • Advantages: High quality imported goods needless to be discussed
  • The only downside: the price is too high. So it is not suitable for raising pink-breasted parrots.

General usage: Soak food in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes for soft food (depending on the product you use, the time will be different). Then use a syringe of 6cc type (can be bought at any drugstore), pump from 2 to 3 ampoules for 1 session, even if the parrot wants to eat, don’t feed it anymore, because it’s too full. It’s also not good, it’s very easy to make parrots vomit or bloat. You can prepare food in advance for an entire day and then divide it into several servings if you don’t have time, but Petmeshop recommends mixing in batches.


Absolutely must process food with warm water, because cold water cannot cook some ingredients in food. This will lead to parrots easily vomiting and refusing to eat.

Do not leave leftovers overnight in the refrigerator and then feed them again later. If you do not have time, you should only prepare enough food to eat in 1 day.

When the parrot is old enough, you can practice feeding the parrot with other grains such as sticky corn with milk (which is the kind of corn that is young and squeezes out with milk).

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Parrots   2 months or older are given half a corn in the morning, and peppers plus lettuce, cucumbers and carrots for lunch. In the afternoon, add rice, peanuts and just remove 4-5 seeds. Such a diet will help parrots have smoother feathers.

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Parrots at 3 months can learn to talk and be a bit aggressive, don’t lose their beaks because  parrots at this time  are extremely fierce to fight back. Should be kept away from other parrots to avoid biting each other. After about 4 months, the parrot will be gentle again depending on the person raising and teaching the parrot.

5. How to teach pink-breasted parrots to talk

Teaching parrots to talk consists of 3 simple steps

Step 1:  Teach your parrot with simple gestures. Once you have raised your parrot from a young age and have become close friends with it, you can teach your parrot simple purposeful actions. The simplest way is to just stroke the parrot’s paws and toes so that it won’t react. Gradually the parrot will get used to it and give you its paws to caress then it is considered you have succeeded. Next, you level up by gently lifting the wings of the parrot. Be careful not to let the  Paret  be afraid to touch the wings, because the Parrots are very sensitive to touching the wings. Just like that, the Parrot gets used to it and you can finally pat the parrot. Remember that only when the parrot likes it, it will let it be petted. Otherwise, the Parrot will bite back or have strong reactions. At this point, you need to immediately stop the act of caressing and let the Paretplay freely, so that another time to practice again, avoid letting the parrot inhibit and get bored.

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Step 2:  Teach your parrot to recognize simple sounds. Being friendly with the Parrot from an early age will help you to become familiar with the Parrot’s personality and preferences, making it easier for you to approach and also control the parrot to your liking with gestures. simple, like hand signal, or call it close. To call a parrot, first you need to give it a simple name, with one syllable for the parrot to easily recognize. The thing to avoid when teaching Parrots to recognize sounds is to avoid teaching many parrots at the same time, so that they do not mistakenly call one and the other comes. In order to learn to call a parrot easily, it is necessary to have a food or toy that they like to lure it.

Step 3:  After teaching to recognize simple sounds, the next step is to teach parrots to say simple words,  usually with vowels a, o, parrots are easiest to learn such as “Ba”, “Hello”. This work of teaching speaking must also be repeated regularly, at a certain time, early in the morning from 6 to 7 o’clock, and in the afternoon from 5 to 6 o’clock. When teaching parrots to talk, you should practice in a quiet room, especially when the parrot feels most comfortable, then teaching the parrot to talk will be highly effective. When getting up, avoid letting the parrot come into contact with many people, it is difficult for the parrot to recognize the sound that needs training. If not make the parrot pronounce it unclearly or say wrong words. Let the  Paret listen from morning to afternoon, don’t be afraid of it getting bored. After the Parrot speaks clearly, then teach another word, move up from the following two syllables  gradually  then increase to three syllables. Each parrot word learns about 10 to 15 days, a bit long because the pink-breasted parrot learns slowly, but monophonic it learns quickly….

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6. Bathe the parrot

Every Parrot has lice and parasites, so bathe with concentrated salt water combined with soap (or Clear shampoo) for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water to treat the parasites. In addition, the main purpose of bathing in water is that when bathing in water, the parrot will stand still and be less aggressive, almost not biting anymore. This is the time when you can make friends with Parrots  very easily.

When cleaning the cage, the faucet is pointed at the water tray, if it sees the Parrot spreading its wings, it wants to take a bath. Note that spray around for bathing, do not spray directly on the Parrot because the water jet is strong.

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