Beautify parrots (safes)

Periodic Health Checkup & Beauty Service is only applicable and free for customers who buy birds at Pet Me.

Beautify parrots

Pet Me shop specializes in providing wing and nail trimming services and bathing for parrots (safes). The service is performed by a professional parrot trainer and caretaker, with many years of experience and love of parrots, Pet Me shop guarantees to bring your parrot clean, fresh, beautiful appearance with wings. neatly trimmed and well-manicured nails.

tam cho vet

Parrot bathing service More specifically, during the trimming of wings, toenails and a cool bath, your parrots will be checked by the skilled experts of Pet Me Shop on the general health of the parrot’s wings and nails. In case there are abnormalities in the health of wings and nails, Pet Me Shop will advise on supportive methods. The examination and consultation is done completely free of charge with the aim of helping you take better care of your pet parrot.

Beauty, health check, care at PET ME (prevention, vitamin supplements, beauty): Free

Beauty, health check, home care HCM, Hanoi (2 times/month) – Inner City: 1,000,000 VND

Beauty, health check, home care HCM, Hanoi (2 times/month) – Outer City: 1,200,000 VND

For detailed information on methods and fees, please contact Pet Me Shop for in-depth advice.

Phone hotline: 091 709 6677 (A. Tai)

Showroom address: Pet Me Coffee – 198 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, City. Ho Chi Minh City

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