How much is the current of young South American parrot prices on the market?

What is the difference between young South American parrots and other parrots?

In fact, playing ornamental birds is a luxury hobby of the rich, especially South American parrots. South American parrot prices from time to time and age will have fluctuations. For mature and well-spoken parrots, the price of South American parrots is not cheap. Therefore, the price of South American parrots is of great interest to many people, especially those who are new to playing ornamental birds!

To answer the question of how much is the price of a South American Parrot, it needs to depend on many factors: their age, height, weight and maturity.

The price of young South American parrot prices will depend on the size, age, sex and also the beauty and standard of the parrot’s plumage. There are rare parrots with prices up to over 100 million VND.

The price of South American parrots depends on many factors that can reach hundreds of millions of dong

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South American parrots are considered one of the most beautiful and intelligent parrot breeds today. Therefore, their prices are not cheap. Moreover, in Vietnam, this parrot line is quite rare and not easy to find! Usually have to order through the address, the store accepts to buy parrots.

Habitat of South American Parrots:

South American parrots often live in groups in the wild to feed together. This bird is very agile and very difficult to catch. Tropical areas and places with warm climates are their most suitable habitat.

Experience in raising South American Parrots in Vietnam:

South American parrots very quickly adapt to different living conditions. However, owners still need to pay attention to many things when taking care of this bird because they are extremely sensitive.

Breeding barn

The requirements for the South American parrot cage are not too strict. Hard workers need to prepare a cage for the parrot that is spacious enough with a well-ventilated space. Inside the cage, it is necessary to prepare enough food and water to provide the best living environment for parrots. A definite must-have in the cage is a sturdy wooden or twig stand for the birds to lean on.

South American parrot prices and cages vary by age and cage size

Cages made of metal will be more convenient and comfortable for South American parrots. At the same time, the location of the cage also needs to be in a well-ventilated place, with many people passing by so that the parrot can get acquainted with people and learn to speak. Regularly listening and talking to humans will help South American parrots become more flexible and active. From there, their learning to speak and training will also take place much faster.

South American parrot food

The food of South American parrots is quite diverse, they can eat any type of food. However, it should be noted that do not feed the birds chocolate, butter, foods containing caffeine, a lot of salt, sugar, etc.

However, owners need to build a reasonable diet for South American parrots to ensure the best health for the birds. You should add to your daily diet fresh, nutritious foods such as cereals, vegetables, fruits…

The food group percentages should be: 25% – 50% pellets, less than 10% nuts, and the rest healthy foods.


Health Care Guide

Parrot owners need to pay attention to both the physical and mental health of their parrots. Being mentally restrained can lead to bad personality traits and affect your parrot’s physical health. Try to spend a lot of time talking and taking care of them. This way the bird will feel the love from its owner and be at ease mentally. Besides, also help the birds be comfortable by giving them enough space to spread their wings and fly. When it comes to psychological problems, South American parrots can appear to be self-plucking and self-injurious.

  • Parrots are hardy and long-lived birds. However, like many other birds, South American parrots can suffer from a number of diseases such as:
  • Pro Ventricular dilatation disease (PDD). This disease is caused by a virus and cannot be cured.
    Psittacine infection of the beak and feathers. This is a contagious and potentially fatal disease in parrots.
  • Fever in parrots and can be transmitted to humans.
  • Mine dislocation is caused by a disorder of the alignment of the beak.

When the pet’s health is unstable, take the South American parrot to the veterinarian for timely examination and treatment to avoid bad problems.

When taking care of the health of South American parrot prices, owners need to pay attention to hygiene for the parrots. This parrot is quite fond of water and likes to have it running along its plumage. So do not hesitate to clean the body of the parrot with water. After bathing the parrots, pay attention to dry their plumage. Being wet, wet feathers for a long time can cause coughing, sneezing, and colds in parrots.

It is necessary to regularly remove the dirt on the feet and dust on the body to keep the parrot clean. Brushing the parrot also helps to get rid of parasites on the bird.

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