The most detailed guide on how to choose, buy and raise baby parrots

Parrots are very diverse with many different types, mainly differing in their color, appearance, size and habits and behavior. Many people keep parrots for fun, and at the same time to make their home space more fun and close to nature. Learn more about buying and raising young parrots with Pet Me Shop, choosing which parrot species is easy to raise.

Suggest easy parrot breeds for newbies

For newbies, you should choose parrots that are easy to raise, easy to adapt to the hot and humid tropical air in Saigon, and especially easy-going parrots that are not too difficult to train.

1. Blue and Gold Macaw


This parrot breed has a fairly large size, long body, bright colors (mainly 2 colors blue and yellow), very eye-catching. The Blue and Gold Macaw is very friendly, and this is a fairly intelligent species, so the ability to learn to speak is very good. However, the price of this species is quite high, about 30 million – 45 million VND

2. African Gray Parrot

Despite its unattractive appearance with gray tones, the African Gray Parrot is very intelligent. So it is very easy to teach them to learn to talk, suitable for anyone who likes to raise talking parrots. The longer they keep them, the more they will cling to their owners like dogs or cats, suitable for keeping as pets in the house. Price around 25 million.

Vet xam chau phi

3. Peony – Also known as lovebird

This parrot breed is quite small, the color is very beautiful and lovely, the temperament is cheerful, agile and active. In particular, players should raise in pairs, in herds. If you raise lovebirds from a young age, they will be loyal to their owners. However, this parrot is not good at mimicking voices, is quite noisy, so they will only be suitable for those who want the house to always have the sound of birds or families with small children. Price range 1.5 million – 2 million.

vet mau don

4. Cockatoo Parrot

With a beautiful and luxurious appearance with white tones, the ability to speak is very good, vibrant, likes to dance to the music. This parrot breed is friendly and also very intelligent, so Cockatoo Parrots will also make everyone enjoy playing with them. Cockatoo parrots have a very high price of about 90 million or more, so not everyone can buy them.

vet cockatoo 1

5. Hong Kong’s Nest Parrot (Also known as Australian Macaw – Budgerigar)

The advantage of this Yen Phung parrot line is that it has many different colorful colors. Yen Phung Parrot is easy to raise because of its health, so there are few minor illnesses. This parrot is quite friendly, but it is difficult to train the parrot to understand what he is asking. However, because the price of Yen Phung Parrot is extremely cheap, about 150k – 400k, this is the parrot that beginners often choose.

vet hong kong

Ngoài các giống phổ biến trên, bạn cũng có thể tìm hiểu thêm một số loài vẹt khác như: vẹt ngực hồng, vẹt Sun Conure, Vẹt má vàng, vẹt Mã Lai. Đây cũng là những loài vẹt dễ nuôi và khỏe mạnh.

How to Choose Buy a Baby Parrot

As for petting a Parrot, the vast majority of players will be advised to raise a Parrot from a young age. Therefore, it is necessary to buy when it is in the breeding season of  Parrots, then choose a healthy Parrot to bring home. The reason is very simple that when raised from a young age, the parrot will get used to the owner, and the owner himself also understands the behavior of the parrot. From there, it is very easy to train the Parrot to act or teach the Parrot to speak. Regarding the purchase of young children, farmers mainly choose the right ones that are young and healthy without disease.

Therefore, Pet Me Shop will provide more characteristics of each parrot species so that new players can understand each type of parrot and choose to buy the right baby.

1. Characteristics of Blue and Gold Macaw

Scientific name: Ara ararauna.

Origin: Swamps and forests of South America.

  • Size: Blue and Gold Macaws are large birds, and can reach a length of up to 84cm from beak to tail end.
  • Average life span:  More than 60 years.
  • Personality: Blue and Gold are quite intelligent and sociable, but have a very loud pronunciation, so they are quite noisy animals.
  • Color:  Forehead green. The nape, back, tail and wings are covered in turquoise. The thorax, abdomen, and underside of the wings are a bright yellow. Large black bill, white skin around eyes and face. There are small black feathers on the face.

vet blue

2. African Gray Parrot

Scientific name: Psittacus erithacus

Origin: African Wilderness

  • Size: 33cm
  • Average lifespan: 40 – 50 years
  • Personality: a gentle and docile bird. Very playful, energetic, but quieter than some other parrots.
  • Colour: The face and eyes are surrounded by a narrow layer of white skin. Black beak, yellow iris looks very luxurious. The parrot’s head and neck are gray-white, and the belly is dark gray; only the tail is bright red. Young African Gray Parrots have a black tip of their tail, bright gray irises, and will gradually turn yellow when they grow up. Males have a larger head and larger beak, slightly pointed eyes, a flatter head and rounder eyes.

vet xam chau phi2

3. Peony – Also known as lovebird

Scientific name: Agapornis

Origin: African Wilderness

  • Size: 14cm
  • Average life expectancy: 10 – 15 years
  • Personality: A parrot that likes to be noisy, boisterous, often naughty and vocal. In the wild, they live in large herds. Lovebird parrots are quite intelligent and agile.
  • Color: Lovebird parrots common color is green, the green part extends from the neck to the end of the tail. The underside of the abdomen is green, and the upper part of the wings is dark green. The neck, face and beak are bright red. Their thorax is yellow or orange. The top and back of the parrot’s neck are olive green. Lovebird parrots have prominent white eye rims and beak rims.

vet mau don1

4. Characteristics of the Bird’s Nest – Also known as the Australian Parakeet, Bird’s Nest – Budgerigar Bird

Scientific name: Melopsittacus undulatus

Origin: From Australia, but imported from Hong Kong to Vietnam in the late 80s.

  • Size: 18cm (7 inches)
  • Average life expectancy: 7-8 years
  • Personality: a gentle and docile bird. Very playful, energetic, but quieter than some other parrots.
  • Color:  Green with black veins, legs and beak are gray-green. The main feather base is blue, the darkest color in the parrot’s chest area. Black stripes  spread from beak to back and wings. Eyes with white edges, adults with yellow forehead, neck with 2 rows of black spots. Through breeding and selection in trade,  Swallow’s Parrotswith many colors and patterns, such as purple, blue, yellow, white, and classic neon green have been created.

vet yen phung 5

Bird’s Nest Parrots are available at most pet stores, so care needs to be taken when choosing. You should buy a young parrot if you want to train Swallow Parrot easily. Most pet parrot stores often have older  Swallow’s Parrots , so it’s more difficult and time consuming to train them to your liking .

For the young bird’s nest, the eyes are black without white borders, the forehead is bare (not yellow) with pale spots, and the beak has spots.

The male’s nose is pale pink when young and turns blue when mature, while the female parrot has a light brown color on the bill.

When buying, look for an active  Paret. Hair should be smooth, shiny and lay flat on the body. The scales on the feet should be smooth, the nails and beak should be smooth and not overgrown, and the nostrils should be clear and clean with no loose hair around.

To know more about Parrots, please regularly follow our Pet Me Shop website!

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