Teaching parrot hold chopsticks (hit the goal)

This is the basis for training as a prerequisite for the training of various exercises later .

Prepare :

  • A tree for bird to stand : helps bird not to lose concentration .
  • A Clicker
  • Their favorite food (not necessarily a particular food. It just is something that in the process of raising ,your bird like most ).
  • Spirit : not always be able to bring them out for trainning , the suitable time is when they feel comfortable and relax  and the trainning should just takes only from 5 to 15 minutes. If the trainning takes too long , birds will feel bored . Therefore, they just trying to do trick to get their food . Note : shouldn’t train when they’re full
  • Other reparation : before  training ,Let Parrot eating food not fancy (for the purpose of limiting the Parrot exhausted and hungry because food is not fancy, so they did not eat produce appetite mood, eager to learn to be rewarded) . Some people use the method to starve the Parrot before training 2-3 hours range.
  • A chopsticks.

vet ngam duaTeach parrot to hold chopsticks


  • Put the parrot stand on the tree , move the stick close to their beak , natural reflex will make their beak grab chopstick. Immediately click the ” clicker ” and have bonus  (this moment they still do not understand the problem ).Continue to repeat the action , give them a stick –> hold a sitck  –> Click  “click”–> get bonus . The repeat aims to create classical conditioning helped out each time the Parrot hold a stick , they will hear a ” click” sound and get bonus . When they has  understood the situation , we will put out the stick on the right , left , up , down , …   At any place, your bird come and hold the stick so that you have succeeded with this trick.

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