Foods for Baby pParrots

Foods is eupeptic, soft. There are many foods dedicated for parrots such as Kaytee Exact. But it is limited seller so human usually choose some substitute foods such as: rice flour, corn flour, rice soup.. powders for baby. Foods can be mixed with powders or cooked ( it will not good as raw food but it is guaranteed for parrot, avoid them rhea ) use cylinder pump for parrot or use spoon put for them. In order to have more nutrition in food, you can use many kind of cereals mix as flour for more variety and full nutrition. When parrots grow slightly. We feed them some harder food such as corn, rice soaked. Add some fruits, vegetable, and this phase you can train them to eat themselves and feed them harder food follow their growth.

NutribirdNutriBird for baby parrots.


– Beside, add some support function good for parrot such as: enzyme help parrots’ digestive process better, they can eat more and more, have good immune system, …. Electrolyte (provides vitamin for parrot), mineral, general vitamin, which can be bought in veterinary store and the necessary thing is food contain calcium good for complete born process at baby bird.

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