Teaching birds to spin around

When completed tasks “Holding chopsticks” ( clik here for more information ) notes the Parrot will chase leading wire in all positions. When you say ” spin ” , that time you move the top of the stick to behind the bird and make sure they can see it , they will follow the stick and turn around  –> immediately click  “click”  –> give them bonus . Continue repeat that action  (order–>Turn around,click “click”–> get bonus ) and implementation of large angular rotation gradually until Parrots perform complete a 360-degree rotation.

day vet xoay tronTeach parrot to spin

Gradually narrow the gap of chopstick to use your fingers to indicate the direction for parrots to follow , this exercise need to repeatedly , parrots will understand the problem and then you just give the command “spin” the Parrot will make a 360-degree loop after completing Parrot immediately hit the “click” and rewarded. Now that you’ve had success with spinning exercises.

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