South American blue parrot – New hobby of the rich

Recently, many players of the Vietnamese rich class have spared no money, willing to spend thousands of dollars just to own a South American blue parrot. Why is this parrot so popular? Let’s find out about this South American green parrot with Pet Me Shop through the article below!

South American Blue parrots and outstanding features:

The South American Blue Parrot is an intelligent and beautiful animal. They are very eager to learn. So, if properly trained and trained, South American blue parrots will surprise us with their very good speech. Besides, these parrots are always full of energy, very friendly, always love to play and actively interact with their owners, they also like to attract attention from those around them.


A South American green parrot measures 84cm to 89cm in length and 900g to 1490g in weight. With this weight and size, they are one of the largest parrot species. This parrot is loved for its splendid and eye-catching appearance.

The head is bright red, the eyes and cheeks are bare skin and a little red side feathers; The neck is also bright red; The neck armor is red and yellow; The beak has a black underside and an ivory upper part; The upper middle wing feathers are yellow mixed with green; The main outermost feathers are blue; The inner side near the tail has blue feathers; Yellow iris; Black claw feet.

This parrot species is popularly raised in the South, while in the North it is quite rare and there are very few establishments that import and sell them. In order to be able to get purebred South American parrots, the giants did not spare time, effort and money to search, even to go abroad to find and buy as pets in the house.

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Personality of South American parrots:

Each species of South American Parrot will have its own personality. In particular, Hahn’s Macaw is often very smart, very good at imitating with a beautiful and easy-to-listen song.

The Monk parrot has a precious friendliness. They are confident, sociable, gentle and extremely loyal. Good imitation ability, gentle and calm, so it is popular with many people.

Milligold Parrots inherit extremely good personalities from their parents. Calmness, lightness, ability to imitate standard voices. Smart, funny, friendly and extremely entertaining.


This bird reproduces sexually, with internal fertilization. When it’s time to breed, the male and female birds seek out each other, nesting on tree trunks. Conduct mating and lay eggs.

Their nests are usually solidly constructed, made of straw fibers and small tree branches. Create a comfortable, warm, suitable space for baby parrots to be born later. Females usually lay 4 to 8 eggs. Eggs are small, milky white. During the time when the female bird is incubating the eggs, the father bird is responsible for finding and providing food for the mother bird. When the eggs hatch, both parents will take turns looking for food for the chicks. When they have enough feathers and wings, the chicks are able to find food sources on their own, independently.

What do American blue parrots eat?

The South American Blue Parrot is a bird that likes to eat plants. They usually eat fruits, nuts, leaves, etc.
In the breeding process, you can use specialized bird foods. The ability to find and buy in pet and bird accessories stores.

Or add more vegetables to them such as: broccoli, pumpkin, vegetables (the greener the better),.. Combined with calcium compounds, vitamins, minerals, help birds develop in the most comprehensive way. .

The harmonious combination of homemade food and dry food will bring the best results for the growth and development of macaws.

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