Cockatoo parrots and interesting things that you do not know

Learn about Cockatoo parrots:

Cockatoo parrots scientific name is Cacatua Galerita. Distributed mainly in northern Australia. The average height of this parrot is 40-50cm, the life expectancy in the wild is 40-60 years.

The outside of the parrot is covered with white feathers, the eyes are surrounded by blue eye skin, and the bill is dark gray. Males will have dark brown eyes, while females will have reddish brown eyes.

The crest at the top has about 3 – 6 yellow feathers. These feathers will stand up if stimulated.


Cockatoo parrots are mainly found in forests with an altitude of 1000m, they often live alone or in pairs. Sometimes they will also gather in small groups of 10-20 individuals. In the natural environment, this parrot bird lives quite loudly, so it is easy to detect if they appear.

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What do cockatoo parrots eat?

Diet for parrot Cockatoo requires a diverse combination of different foods. They can eat nuts, bean sprouts, fruits and vegetables.

Besides, the owners of this parrot bird also need to add to them fruits such as apples, pears, plums, raisins, oranges, peaches, carrots, lettuce and broccoli…

Like some parrots, cockatoos cannot eat avocados. Therefore, in the process of taking care and nurturing you need to pay attention to avoid.

Sometimes parrots also need to supplement protein with some foods such as: boiled eggs, cheese, sausages, cooked meat… However, those foods need to be light, not greasy.

Along with that, Cockatoo parrots also need to drink clean water every day. Clean water must be changed daily, the water tray must be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria.


How to raise Cockatoo Parrots:

Cockatoo parrots are intelligent birds, can be kept as pets, they can talk and play with you. In order to have a healthy parrot, in the process of taking care you need to understand the basic raising techniques.

Breeding cages

When choosing cages, you should choose square or rectangular cages. Ensure the appropriate width for the parrot to climb and move freely. In the cage, it is necessary to prepare branches for parrots to perch, a place for toys, bowls of food and water. Clean the bird cage regularly.

Cockatoo parrots are social creatures, so you should place the cage in a place where you can interact with them regularly. Watch out for other animals so as not to harm the parrot.

Keep the temperature steady

You should avoid leaving your parrot in a too cold environment. In the winter, you should cover it carefully, and in the summer, you should keep the parrot’s cage in a cool place. When in hot temperatures, it is very likely that Cockatoo parrots will experience stress, fatigue, and stress.

Take your cockatoo to the vet periodically

In the process of raising Cockatoo parrots you must regularly monitor their health. If you notice any strange symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately. Common Cockatoo diseases such as diarrhea, flu… It’s best to give them a full vaccination every year.

Love and take good care

Because they are intelligent parrots, you need to regularly interact and talk with them. If not cared for, they are very prone to depression, stress plucking their own feathers. Every day when you feed them talk and teach them to talk. This way the parrot will have a feeling of being cared for and will love you more.

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