How To Take Care A Parrot

Parrots are brightly colored birds, dignified like a queen with extremely skillful imitation skills. For those reasons, they are loved and chosen by many aquarists. However, raising parrots is very difficult and teaching them to talk is even more difficult.

So is there any trick here? Let’s learn together with Love Birds how to care for parrots in the article below.

Instructions on how to take care of parrots – Pet Me Shop

1. Parrot diet

– At the age of 3 – 4 months, the bird eat only 3 to 4 times/ day (morning, noon, afternoon and evening), lunch should eat fruit and vegetables, dormant powder feeding to vitamin supplements and birds will be more masters

– Kaytee powder or NutriBird A19 diluted with warm water. Feeding tools (cylinders, spoons, cups, etc.) are coated with boiling water to sterilize before feeding.

+ Mini birds (parrotlet, lovebird): 6 – 10cc
+ Small birds (cocktails, chains, sun, ringneck, green cheecked…): 15 – 20cc
+ Medium birds (Grey, Amazon): 25 – 30cc
+ Big birds (Cockatoo, Macaw): 40 – 50 cc

– Add sunflower seeds, fresh fruits such as banana, mango, papaya. When birds are 5 months old, they can eat more hard fruits like apples, guavas, pears, vegetables. Offer nutritional supplements such as Zupreem. Food of all kinds (fresh fruit, dry food …) just enough to not miss, one day at noon and two or three more even in the day if the birds have finished powder.

– Cooled filtered water

(Choose Kaytee or NutriBird for your parrot.) But doctors recommend using NutriBird because of its high nutritional content and good digestive properties, which is a bit more expensive. Both types are used very well)


– Food of seeds and fruits

– Do not feed the chickens chocolate and avocado

Zupreem FruitBlend


2. Care regime

  • Sun bathe every day before 9 AM, 10 – 15 minutes per day. If you don’t have much time to bask them, you can buy UVA, UVB. Important: shouldn’t put bird in the sun in long time, they can died from dehydration

  • Not put them in strong wind, rain place
  • Bath 1-2 times a week at 10 or 12 AM just on sunny day, if the weather is cold, parrot shouldn’t bath or carefully drying after bath.
  • In cold day, using heating lamp.
  • Nail files for parrot twice a month, ( if their nails make you feel hurt when they land on your hand, you can files immediately). When we cut nail for bird, do not cut > 1mm from head of nails.
  • Trimming wings twice a year ( base on shedding season for birds) or they regrow enough wings to fly higher.



Feed parrot and teach them eat theirself

  • Vaccination Program:

– Flu, Diarrhea – monthly (200.000đ/time).

– Deworm – every 3 months (200.000đ/time).

– Coccidiosis – every 3 months (300.000đ/time).

– NewCastle – every 4 months (500.000đ/time).

  • Treatment – contact: 091 709 6677 – 0916 399 299 (Mr.Steve)

*** With the advice of Dr. Nguyen Nhu Pho – Professor of HCM Agricultural University.

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