Teach parrot to ring the bell1

Teach parrot to ring the bell

Parrots are brightly colored birds, dignified like a queen with extremely skillful imitation skills. For those reasons, they are loved and chosen by many aquarists. However, raising parrots is very difficult and teaching them to talk is even more difficult.

Teach parrot to ring the bell

Method 1:

Put the Parrot on a standing tree. Bring the drop rope of the bell down to the beak of the bird. Instinctively he will pull back to grab it to gnaw. and that action will inadvertently create a knocking sound as the bell rings à click click à Repeat the movement many times for the Parrot to understand and turn that action into a conditional action.


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Method 2:

Based on the basic exercise “pick up objects on demand and bring” to continue this exercise.

Tie the ring at the end of the bell rope and ask the Parrot to bring the ring back to you. The Parrot will come and take the ring and bring it back. But will be held by the bell rope and make a knocking sound on the bellà “click”à bonus. Repeat the operation until the Parrot gets an idea


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