Teaching Parrots Fake Death1

Here I will guide you how to teach parrots to fake death

Teaching Parrots Fake Death

Gently tilt the bird onto your hand and hold the parrot in your hand, holding the parrot in the palm of your hand. Repeat the operation and gradually loosen the hand holding the Parrot until it is not necessary to hold the Parrot but the Parrot comfortably lies in that position.

Put the Parrot down on the table. At first, the Parrot is not used to it, but after a few repetitions and rewards, the Parrot will gradually adapt. Repeat the operation until done.

vet gia chet 1Teach parrots to fake death


The last step is to teach the bird to lie down without any action from your hand, but just use the signal that the parrot makes and you are successful.


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