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When raising parrots, surely you want your parrot to be healthy and smart, develop in the best conditions, have stable health, so we must regularly monitor their health status, detect mistakes. Timely and prevent disease and cure your parrot.

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Details of treatment services for parrots


Flu, Diarrhea (cough, fever, diarrhea or when the birds do not eat, sad expression not active as usual, saggy, ruffled, trembling)
– Pneumonia (Wheezing, normal activity or sedentary when severe)
Diarrhea with Blood (Coccidiosis)
– Swollen Lymph Nodes
– Leg Swelling, Arthritis, Broken Legs, Broken Wings
Mushrooms, dermatitis, hair loss, lice, fleas
– Eyesore

chovetanTreatment for parrots

***Lưu ý: Give medicine to the parrot drink during the day, not to pass the day. If your birds do not drink themselves you can pump birds to drink 2 hours / time. Drink until normal healthy birds. More efficient when using a 40 degree heating lamp during treatment

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