Nutrition for Cockatoo

Cockatoo parrots are affectionate birds that bond with their owners, thrive on socializing. Is a cuddly bird that sometimes tends to cling to people. As pets, they want to be as close to their mate as they are to their mate in the wild. This bird needs a dedicated owner.

Foods for Cockatoo parrot

A cockatoo diet consisting of a variety of seeds, fruits, vegetable suitable for parrot. Besides, we need implement some apples, pear, plum, raisin, banana, carrot, broccoli, lettuce…..

As same as South America parrot, avocado is toxic to them. Sometimes they also need be added protein such as cottage chesse, boiled eggs, sausage, boiled meat, but these foods have to be insipid and not have fat.

Vitamins and minerals should not be necessary with a good varied diet except in times of stress

Water:  your parrot need fresh drinking water everyday.

trai cayFresh fruits for parrots


Parrot baths

cockatoo really do not need to be washes any more, number of parrot baths is similar to the cat. Because their nature helps them clean and usually preen themselves. Some parrots like be sprayed and others like dip themselves, however fresh water is the best choice for their healthy. Preen plume, neb, trim wings, honed claw and neb are what you have to usually do for them, you can bring your parrot to veterinary center where your pet is cared and groomed.

tam cho vetParrots need to be washes sunbathe



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