How to Raise a Dog and Cat in a Simple Way1

Pet Me shop shares with you how to raise cats and dogs together extremely simply with easy steps.

In your own house, there are two adorable but “incompatible” pets, that is, a dog and a cat. From the past to the present, dogs and cats cannot get along when living in the same house, they always bite and chase each other is common. The problem here is that you always have a headache when you have to deal with their rivalry. And then, you want to find some way to help your two pets, dogs and cats, live in harmony. Understanding this psychology of customers, Pet Me Shop would like to provide an article “simple ways to raise cats and dogs” for you. After this article, you will understand better how to let them live in harmony!

How to Raise a Dog and Cat in a Simple Way

First: you definitely have to prepare your dog and cat for an equal affection because a sharing will make it easier for you to help your dog and cat live in harmony.

cho meo1Some simple ways to raise cats and dogs together

Second: while you’re not at home the first time they live together, remember to keep them separate.

Third: when your dog has negative desires and acts with the goal of being a cat, the best thing you should do is not scold him. Instead, you can use a few dog training tools to design a special training session to help your dog become more obedient and stop bullying the cat, or you can shift the dog’s focus to you instead. for kittens.

Fourth: you should always know that the key for dogs and cats to live peacefully together is to control the dog’s aggression. So the basic principles for training dogs a habit that can be used are more flexible and gentler. Of course, to do this, the reward for the dog you should use because It is what helps the dog when the dog is near the cat without having to deal with and bully the cat.

chomeo2Some simple ways to raise cats and dogs together

Fifth: you should prepare a safe hiding place for the cat or find a reasonable retreat for the cat. For example, you should build a tree house because cats can climb it and dogs can’t. This can make your cat a lot safer when being bullied by a dog.

Steps to help dogs and cats live more harmoniously

chomeo 1Some simple ways to raise cats and dogs together

Steps in how to best raise cats and dogs:

Step 1: Prepare for the launch of the two pets together

Step 2: Change rooms or don’t let dogs and cats stay together.

Step 3: Let the dog and cat smell each other through the gap under the door separating them.

Step 4: Wait until they can relax and be ready to meet each other

Step 5: Show love evenly when you introduce dogs and cats to each other.

Step 6: Separate the dog and cat whenever you are not at home or with the dog and cat.

Step 7: Reward and praise the dog’s good behavior when it is around the cat.

Above is an article about how to raise a common dog and cat that we want to share with you. Hopefully through this article, you can equip yourself with some certain knowledge.


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