How much does a baby parrot cost? Where to buy cheap baby parrots?

How to know how much baby parrot cost?

The question that many beginners are most interested in is how much does a baby parrot cost? And where to buy cheap but reputable quality parrots? To know exactly how much baby parrots cost you need to combine many factors to determine the parrot’s price. To know the answer to how much a baby parrot costs, we depend on the breed of parrot, their age, length, size and skills.

Lam the nao de biet vet con gia bao nhieu

Hong Kong Parrot

In our country, the Hong Kong Parrot, also known by another name, “swallow bird”, is a fairly popular bird and of course the number of people raising Hong Kong parrots in our country is not small. Finding out how much parrots cost in our country will be determined very clearly if you have more information about Hong Kong parrots because this bird in our country has up to 50 different species. Although this bird talks a lot, imitating human voices is also quite good, but the IQ of the Hong Kong Parrot is not high. Therefore, if you want to train this bird in the process of raising, then we definitely need to put in a lot of effort.


As mentioned, there are more than 50 different species of Hong Kong parrots in our country, so the price of this parrot is certainly very diverse. Not only that, the price of Hong Kong parrots is also determined based on many different factors, of which color is especially important. Besides, the price of Hong Kong parrots is also valued through age, at the breeding stage, this parrot will certainly cost much more.

Hong Kong Parrot (Yen Phung) is a small sized parrot. They have an average lifespan of 7-8 years and this parrot line when mature is only about 18cm long.

At any store selling ornamental birds across the country, they are available because this parrot is widely sold in all provinces and cities. With the question of how much Hong Kong parrots cost, the price ranges from 180-400 thousand VND/pair of birds.

Malayan Parrot

The Malay Parrot is quite small in size, when fully grown, this bird can only reach an average size of more than 30cm and the body weight is about 100g. However, in return for its small size, the Malayan parrot has a very long average life expectancy compared to most flatbed species, which is about 20 to 35 years. Originating from Australia, however, with its many excellent characteristics, the Malayan parrot has been bred and appeared in many parts of the world, including Vietnam.


Currently, in our country, the price of Malay parrots is quite diverse at different levels depending on the age of the parrot. Newly hatched parrots have a price of only about 800,000 VND, young parrots will have a slightly higher price of about 1,200,000 VND. Of course, adult parrots will have a higher price, possibly up to several million dong.

To find out information about how much a baby parrot cost, we need to analyze and comment based on many different factors such as species, age, growth stage as well as appearance beauty, outstanding features. . If you are a bird lover and want to have a parrot to raise, it is definitely necessary to find out and refer to the price on the market.

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