Bonus Foods For Parrots

Foods that reward parrots for doing your tutorials

Bonus Foods For Parrots

“Which kind of food should I use in domestication?” “Where to buy?”…are general question that many people want to ask. Actually, bonus foods don’t have to be specific.  In the process you grow your parrot, notice which is its favorite food, that can be used as bonus food.

thuc an hat cho vetParrot should be fed its favorite food in domestication


Because bonus foods are used as added-foods to domesticate the parrot, they don’t have to be used for providing vitamins. Bonus foods should be ones that parrot eats the most quickly to save your time while waitng your parrot eating. Though it is your parrot’s favorite food, eating regularly will make it blase. Therefore, after a period of time, you should change bonus food to prevent your parrot from being blase.

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