Teach parrot to raise wings

  • Place the Parrot on a standing tree. Take your two index fingers and gently push up from under the wings. This will make your bird lift its wings slightly. Praise “good” (instead of the “click” signal) and reward . If you’ve done the first stage, then that means you understand all you need to do now is keep repeating the movement and gradually push forward until you are in the right wing position. Remember to do it gently to avoid scaring the bird.

  • Continue what you need to do when the Parrot lifts its wings to the correct position, then you gradually move your hand back, which means that now you don’t need to touch the bird’s wings anymore, but only close to the parrot that has raised its wings as required. The distance of your hand gradually moves away from the bird until you just need to give the command “raise your wings” and the parrot does it–> click “click”–> so you’re done.
  • End.