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Starting from the love of the pristine beauty, the green and the strange that nature gives, and the diverse flora and fauna species become the main factors that Pet Me Coffee wishes to bring to the wonderful new experiences. Great for customers.

Pet Me cafe is designed with a gentle blue tone, giving you a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Guests coming to the cafe next door enjoy special homemade drinks such as Yen coffee, Egg coffee or fresh Soda numbers, of course, to play with the animals at Pet Me. The shop has many types of feathered birds such as Toucan, parrots from small and pretty that fit in your hand to a few kilos, from all continents around the world such as South America, Australia, Africa, Asia… In addition, you can also visit and play with reptiles such as Iguna South American Dragon, Australian Dragon, Sulcata Giant Tortoise or extremely cute rodents such as Mini Hedgehog, Squirrel, Hamster… These Pet Me’s pets are very brave, even knowing how to beg, so you can’t help but soften. Since all species have been trained, you can easily “lure” them to come near, perch. on the shoulder, holding in the hand is very friendly.

Cute, adorable, interesting, diverse and impressive animals, dedicated service style of the staff is what diners feel at Pet Me Coffee. That also explains why Pet Me Coffee – parrot cafe is becoming one of the first mentioned names when “going to Saigon cafe”.

Pet Me Coffee was born in July 2014 and merged into Landmark Property Group from March 2022 with member companies such as Pet Me Shop, Pet Me Care Veterinary, Nam Toc Barber, Landmark Interior Design Concepts and Real Estate Landmark Property.

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